Popping in to say hello :)

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Popping in to say hello :)

It's been a while since I have posted on here. Don't know if anyone remembers me?

I am Jules and live in New Zealand. I had Lottie (my May Duckling) and also had DD1 (now aged 4.5), I then had twin girls who are now 15 months old. It's a busy life and it seems that every second of my day is chaotic, but that's what I enjoy Smile

Lottie is a fun little girl and really makes me smile. Not to say that she doesn't have her challenges, she is very 'independent' and my most outgoing child. She's one of those children who always looks 'messy', even when she has just been washed and dressed - she's just not the most coordinated child! Plus, it doesn't help that her sister cut most of her hair off before Christmas and it is still growing back.

Anyway, just saying hello. I am better at FB, but now that I have remembered my password for this account I will probably stay around again if it's OK?

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Hey Jules!

It's good to hear from you. I'm sure you ARE busy after adding the twins to your family! Hope to hear more from you Smile

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Hey Mama!! We've missed you!! So glad to hear you and the girls are doing well, we need some pics of those beauties!!

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Hi Jules!

Great to hear from you - do stick around... we miss seeing our May mamas and ducklings! And I agree - we need some pics of that gorgeous bunch of girlies you have! Smile

I know what you mean about 'looking messy even when they're not'... Grady is the same. Messy hair, dragging pants, crooked shirt with the collar tucked in... it must be a big family thing. I can't keep up all the time.. so sometimes that Nutella on the corners of his mouth goes unwiped for awhile. Oh well.. it's the big picture that counts! Smile

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Hey! Welcome back! I say pics are in order!!

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Aw thanks.

Pics as requested:
All four of them on Lottie's third birthday. This is about the best photo as I can never get a shot with all of them looking anywhere near the camera:

Lottie (short hair under the hat - her sister did a good job with the scissors!)

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They are beautiful!!! Good to hear from you.

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Oh my goodness... look at all those cute little blondies!! So sweet!!

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Hi Jules! Your kiddos are beautiful!

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