Potty Training??

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Potty Training??

How are your LO's doing with PTing?

I've learned that all kids are truly different when PTing. Makayla was just about fully PT'd by 2yrs old, a little bribing with M&M's and she was good to go! BOYS on the other hand are totally different! Drew REFUSED to go to the potty at all until 2 days before his 3rd bday. I tried everything under the sun to encourage him, but he just wasn't having it. Finally he went and it just clicked, within 1wk he was fully PT'd, day and night time. Jake started going alot sooner then Drew did on the potty and I think we may have a light at the end of the tunnel! He will go all day on the potty with no accidents, pullups at night still. I took the kids to breakfast and a movie on Saturday and he went he went after breakfast and after the movie. I'm a proud Mama! lol The only thing he hasn't mastered is going #2 yet, but he'll get there! I'm just excited to be done changing butts! LOL We've been changing diapers for over 5yrs straight and at one time had 2 in them. He's funny, he was telling me "Mom, pullmups (what he calls them) are for babies", I've had to correct him and tell him "Pullups are for night time", until he's ok to go without them.

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Congratulations, Rachel and Jake! Sounds like he is having an easy go with potty training! Ev still has no interest, every time I ask him about trying the potty the response is "no potty."

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Yay for good progress!!!

Lexi is totally PT'd-- day and night. She's been day trained since last January, but just mastered nights somewhere around July. Miles on the other hand is still wet at night. Oy! Callie was wet at night until she was 5. Taya was dry at night at 2 1/2 or so. I do think all kids are different. Though luckily, each of ours has day PT'd at about 18 months (I try to catch them before they can say no! :wink:)

Good luck! Yay to be out of diapers completely......I'm so glad we invested in cloth in 2003. We sure are getting our money's worth.

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Ive tried all my tricks. We only get lucky every once in a while. Lily is so stubborn it has to be her idea. I just keep trying until it clicks!

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With the boys the ONLY thing that worked was the butt naked approach..lol Right before they both turned 3 years old I just flat out refused to put diaper/pull-ups/ or undies on them. It took 1 or 2 accidents on themselves and they were both fully "trained".. Never once had an issue with night potting either and both were out of diapers and accidents free in 3 days...

Now Em I was told from day 1 girls are soooooo much easier. I thought awesome b/c the boys were a breeze.. Well apparently Em missed the memo.. But last Sunday (1/8 ) we ran out of diapers and I refuse to buy more.. So Monday morning we put big girl undies on and started. about 5 peepee accidents later she started going in the potty. About 4 days later after a daily poop accident she FINALLY went poop in the potty. Friday we ventured out to dinner in undies and she did awesome, though I have a feeling when out shes gonna be like DS2 and want to check out every bathrooms decor :/.. And here we are a week and 2 days later and she is what I would say fully "trained".. That said she id have an accident over night Sunday night.. Thank gosh for plastic matress covers ;)..

Every kid is different. I had family/friends on my back to start training my kids when they turned 2. None of my 3 were anywere near ready to start right when they turned 2. Mine all seemed ready and it all clicked closer to age 3.. I leanred with DS2 to let those comments about "momma should get you out of diapers" go in one ear and right out the other.. Your mommy, you know your child, and when its time it will click for them.. Ok off my soap box now ;)-

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What's funny with Mason is we started last January after I found out I was pregnant. We did have quite a rough go for a while, and especially towards the end of my pregnancy, and I was so worried after she was born he would regress more. A week after she was born, he just started going by himself and he has had very few accidents since (aside from night/nap which we still do pullups). Before that we always had to tell him or take him to go. After she was born he started taking himself to the bathroom.

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YEAH Jake and all of the other LOs who are doing so well. The girls have been day trained since last January. They are 99% dry after nap, but bedtime only dry every once in a while. They recently make the connection that if they stay dry for naps that they don't have to wear "nap time panties" to nap anymore (they are really just cloth diapers, but we can't call them diapers because say only babies wear them). I wish they were dry overnight, but then I think I would rather do the laundry of cloth diapers a little longer then them wake me up because they have to go during the night!

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If I put a pull up or diaper on Grady, he'll generally just use it. But if I leave him nudie or in just shorts, then he'll generally use the toilet. He has next to no accidents with poops these days, and will say he has to go, then run to the toilet himself, get on and do it. I just have to follow him to wipe up afterwards. For pees he has more accidents, maybe 25% of the time he will just pee in his pants, especially if he's doing something fun and doesn't want to stop. After naps he's generally dry, especially if I put him on the toilet before naptime. And maybe 1 day a week he'll be dry in the morning.

Really, he's almost there. Now that we're back from holidays I can leave him without diapers virtuallly all the time. I didn't want to take the chance on a long car trip or while sightseeing though. I'm sure it must be confusing for him to be in charge of it sometimes, and sometimes be left in a diaper. Lazy mama! Wink

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Well I'm gonna call it.....Jake's fully PT!!!!!!! Diapers all day at school for over a week, waking up dry in the mornings and at nap! I'm doing my "NO MORE DIRTY BUTTS TO CHANGE" dance right now! LOL

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Kaylin has finally turned a corner, she hasn't had a day-time accident in a week. We keep her in panties as much as possible while at the house, this week I've been home with her so she's stayed in panties. But at the home daycare, she refuses to let them wear just panties until they are accident free for 4 weeks - which is stupid, and annoying because Kay is doing so well in just panties. Nighttime, she still gets up around 2-3 am each morning so I take her to the bathroom and she's dry in the morning. She will generally just go potty, #1/#2, and then come tell us. And we don't have to bribe or reward her with candy anymore, which is nice.

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What a great dance that must be Rachel!!!!

How silly Rebecca that they won't let them go in panties until 4 weeks. That would be confusing for her. Our daycare teachers at the time just asked that we put them in those plastic covers so that hopefully if they had an accident they didn't get the whole floor dirty.

Kirstin, what we did when we went to NYC for Thanksgiving and I was afriad we wouldn't be able to find restrooms if we needed them quickly was we put the girls in paties then put pullup OVER the panties. I told them it was to keep their tushy warm. Luckily they didn't have any accidents, but I didn't want to deal with a dirty stroller or wet pants.