Prefering one parent over the other?

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Prefering one parent over the other?

Do your LOs insist that one parent do things over the other? The girls insist I do EVERYTHING! It is SOOOOOO annoying. It's not like DH is never around or plays with them. He gets home around 4-4:30 and spends SOOOOO much time with them. They LOVE to play with him, but if they need to go to the bathroom, MOMMY must do it, if they need more milk, MOMMY must get it, if they drop a fork, MOMMY must get it, MOMMY must get them ready for bed, etc... I think you get the idea.

I used to give in because I love doing things for them. But man oh man, it is getting old. So now when DH starts to do something and they say "No mommy" we are just letting DH finish it. I hope that they get out of this quickly. I feel bad for DH because he WANTS to do these things but they don't want him to. Luckily he's taking it much better then I would if the shoe was on the other foot.

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G does this every once in awhile bit we just tell her, no ill do it, most of the time. She does go through days where she will want nothing to do w one of us and its alllll about the other person. when its Dh's turn and she won't kiss or hug me or snuggle w me I act like I'm crying n she comes over and will say mommy sad then give me what I wanted. then I smile and gladly accept and she gets excited n screams mommy happy now! Prob not teaching a good habit there lol!

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Grady doesn't care who does what for him.. whoever is available is good enough for him. THat being said though, he definitley has to have mama in the house, or he freaks right out. Yesterday I went to meet a friend while he was napping (cleaning lady day so I could leave if I wanted) and he woke up a little early. He knows Gladys and likes her, but he wouldn't eat his snack, and would cry on and off while she tried to play with him. When I walked in the door he wailed and sobbed for 10 minutes and wouldn't let me go. So attachment might be a bit of a problem! Wink He's never gone to daycare though, so I guess I can understand why.

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My kids want Mommy to do everything! I kind of like it that way. It makes me feel good.

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This varies for us, Jake is pretty laid back and typically is more of a Daddy's boy then any of my other kids, so he doesn't have problems with Daddy doing stuff for the most part. Its DREW that drives me crazy with this! He is a MAMAS BOY, I mean all the way. He loves to spend time with Dad, but when I'm home he wants me to do everything. I do tell him alot to go ask DH because of course he always wants something when I'm in the middle of cleaning or cooking. PLUS I want them to know that they have more than one parent, I cant do everything! LOL Most of the time it's little things, like he will insist that I get him a glass of milk instead of DH. I'm like helloooo, it's milk! LOL

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Yep-- my kids are mama's kids. I always assumed it was bc I am gone so much that when I'm there, they want me to do it. If I'm gone-- then daddy is just fine.

Though, right now, Lexi is in a daddy phase and I love it. She adores him and it is mutual and so cute.

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Ivy is just about control, I think. Every once in a while it has to be the other person doing it, but it's never the same person. A lot of the time it's that she wants to do it herself. If the wrong person is doing it (pouring juice), then the person doing it just stops. The other person doesn't do it, though. She just doesn't get whatever it was until she decides it's OK (usually pretty quick when she realizes it's nothing or the original person does it). It doesn't happen often, though.

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Kaylin is a total mama's girl, when Wes tries to do something for her, she screams "nooooo mama do it" or tells him to "stop" if he's playing with her and I walk in the room. It totally hurts Wes's feelings at times! And there are times that I get a little annoyed that I can't do anything without her underneath my foot, but at the same time - I also love knowing that she loves me and wants to be around me all the time!

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Cooper is a total mama's boy, he always wants me to do stuff, even if Colin is getting himself water and Cooper wants some, I have to be the one to get up from the table and get him water or face the shrieking fit.

Not surprising, since Colin doesn't really ever do anything for him. :rolleyes:

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Sometimes in the evening M wants Daddy to do everything. But he literally sees him for 2hrs/day before it's time to get ready for bed and he is with me all the time so I was thinking that was why?!?