Pregnancy update (XP)

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Pregnancy update (XP)

Well I had a routine ultrasound today. Baby looked great! She measured right on schedule and weighs approximately 4lb 2oz. She had her hands and her cord in front of her face, so we didn't get to see her face too well, but she is certainly very active. I can see her feet kick me and move across my belly!

Anyways, I had mentioned that I had been having contractions everyday, so they decided to put me on the monitors. Sure enough I was having contractions on the monitor, that apparently got worse the longer I was on the monitor. So then they took me back to do the FFN swab test and a vaginal ultrasound to check my cervix. Good thing is my cervix is long and closed, they said 6cm which is great because 4 is normal.

So they then decided to give me a shot to stop the contractions that I was having and put me back on the monitors. And they called me in a prescription for procardia, and I have to go back for another NST on Wednesday.

I go to a high risk OBs office for ultrasounds, so this all came from him (not my normal OB), so I have a regular OB appt tomorrow with my regular OB, and find out what she says about everything.

So anyways, I feel like I will be spending all of this week in doctors offices!

Good thing is I have my baby shower to look forward to this weekend!

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Oh honey! Sheesh! I hope the meds stop the contractions. We May mamas who are preggo again are having a time of it this second time around!

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Wow--we are all having a tough time. I hope your regular ob is okay with everything.

Funny how Me, you and Anne all have issues, and they are all different!!!!! We all need to hang in there. Not too much longer!

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Hope the shot helps, I'm sure that isn't fun to have contractions all of the time. These new babies are little trouble makers already!

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Dang girl! I hope those contractions settle down, I'm sure this heat isn't helping at all either!

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I hope that the meds work and stop the contractions. What were the results of the FFN? HUGS

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Goodness! I'm so sorry you are having contrax. I hope that all is okay.....KUP and rest up, mama!

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Thanks everyone, I know one thing...I don't ever want to be pregnant in the summer months again. I don't really feel overly hot, but I can't even take my kids outside to play because then I end up having more and more contractions. Even when I am drinking water constantly outside, it's like it is never enough. And I hate having to spend the summer inside.

I haven't gotten results of the FFN, but I'm not sure if they actually sent it off because they checked my cervix after taking the swab and my cervix still is very long and closed. So the nurse said she wasn't sure if the dr would actually want to send it off.

I am pretty confident this baby won't decide to arrive early, though I wouldn't be sad if she decides to come around 37-38 weeks, I'm sure she'll just make me wait out the whole 8 weeks, probably with contractions the whole time!

I just started taking the procardia last night, we will see if that stops my contractions, but I know my friend who took it with her last pregnancy said it never stopped her contractions.

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oy Kalee! I'm sorry to hear that you are having some minor problems. I'm glad the doctors are keeping a close eye on you and I'm sure they'll bring your precious baby girl into the world safely. In the meantime, try to get your feet up and drink lots of water. I wouldn't want to be preggo this late in the summer either. I can't imagine. I can't take the heat and I am so.not.pregnant.

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Congrats on your pregnancy!! Hope that your LO stays in there longer and your contractions stop.

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I'm glad you got to see your sweet girl and that she's doing great in there - wow, 4 pounds already!!

Maybe you could just sit out in a kiddie pool for the rest of the summer? Just plant yourself in there and let Mason jump all over you... Wink

Hope the contractions stop with the Procardia.. ((hugs))

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Hugs, Kalee. Let us know how your appt today goes. :director: Stay in there baby girl!