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Who is going to preschool this year? Have you registered? How often will they go? Are you waiting?

Thought I'd see what our "little" ducklings will be up to come fall.

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We debated preschool. But we decided against it. The girls are in daycare, and the preschool is in the other building for two days a week for either 2 or 2.5 hours. The reason we decided against it is because it's not really any different then what they will get staying in the 3 yo room. The preschool is more rigid and structured, where the daycare is more of a "Learn thru Play" environment. They still do all of the same things, just in a different way. However, if I was a SAHM then I would have sent them for sure.

Speaking of daycare, the girls are in transition this week to go to the 3 yo room. I am SOOOOOOO not ready for this Sad How did they all grow up so fast?

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Ev will be at the same school he goes to now, just two mornings a week.

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Right now i am doing a little bit of preschool stuff with the boys, but only a few days a week. Though we work on Mason's letters at least 5 days a week, but just 5-10 minutes of that. By fall I plan to be doing preschool 4 days a week hopefully. But we are planning to homeschool, so I am trying to ease myself into it with the preschool.

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Lexi will go next year-- only two days a week for 2.5 hours/day. It is the same school our others have gone to.

She'll go MW from 9-1130a-- and she is so excited. Right now she goes in that same room during Sunday School and loves it. She so wants to be like her big siblings and is always saying "at my school....." or "today at my school we did....." and makes up completely ridiculous stories about her day.

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We just realized that Ivy may be able to do the Nursery school program for 2.5 hours 2 days a week at the Waldorf School where she has been doing a Parent and Tot program. DH thinks it’s a great idea, and if we have the kids home (not at the day home, one of us will be on Mat leave) then it would be great for her. The only issue is that they want the kids to be 2.5years old, and Ivy will only be 2y4mo old (like everyone else here).

Fortunately the teacher is the same as for the parent and tot program so I talked to her and the teacher will see if she thinks that Ivy will be ready next fall. Her issue is that there are generally a lot of age difference between the 5yolds and the 3.5 year olds so she generally doesn’t like to take them before 3y6mo.

Personally, I think that Ivy would do fine and it would be good for her. She is so ahead of many of the other kids I’ve met who are her age, and independent, and loves it. But I guess I’ll have to deal with whatever the teacher decides.

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Kaylin is at a great home day-care, there are only 3 children (+ this new baby once he arrives) and two of them are the same age. So Kaylin and the other boy the same age get plenty of learning in. I'm constantly amazed at what she comes home with. So I'm pretty good with where she is at, at this point.

I'm really interested in sending her to a private christian school for school-age, and just learned that they have a 4 year old program to introduce them to general schooling. It is most of the day, 7:30-2:00pm. So we'll see!

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We are starting Sam in August when he is 3 1/2 at my church 3 days a week 830-1130. I am super excited to see how it goes!

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We've already had Liese in a 2 day/week 2.5 hour program this year. Next year she'll be going 5 days a week. We haven't decided yet how we'll do aftercare. I don't feel she gets much learning at the daycare so I'd prefer she be in a preschool program. I'd love to keep her home more, but DH and I both work full time so that's not an option for us.