Preschool... anyone sending their LOs?

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Preschool... anyone sending their LOs?

It's registration time at daycare for next year. Luckily the daycare we use has a preschool across the parking lot, they also have Pre K their too! Are any of you doing Preschool? I talked with the director this morning to ask her how it differs from the regular daycare. Basically the regular day care the kids learn thru play, they do have a "ciriculum" but it's mainly thru play that they learn. The Preschool is only 2 days a week for 3 hours and they do more of a structured learning. So they would walk them across the parking lot, they would eat breakfast their and then do their learning and go back to the daycare building for lunch and naps. I'm not sure what to do. Are 3yos really ready for a "structured" learning atmosphere? What have you all done with your older LOs and what are you doing to do with these LOs?

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Ev has been going to preschool since September and it's been great! He goes one morning a week and he loves it. My initial impression was that it would just be some play time and time away from me, but they really do learn lots of new things! He now talks about colors and numbers and shapes which he didn't know before. I love his teachers and the director. The school is at a church so there is a little bit of religion tossed in, which is fine with me since I don't bring him to church with me. In September he will start going two mornings a week, I can't wait!

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I won't be sending Mason to preschool, but I am in the process of putting together preschool stuff I am about to start working on with him, and more advance stuff to be working with my nephew. A lot of it will be more through play and Montessori style, but I am looking forward to it, if I can ever get organized!

If my kids were already going to day care, I would probably choose to put them in preschool.

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We've sent each of our children to preschool. They only go 2 days/week for 2.5 hours/day when they are 3. When they are 4, we up that to 3 days/week.

We plan to send Lexi next September, too.

Our school is very hands on and focuses more on gross and fine motor skill development, social interactions, and is not academic at all. We love it.

Ours is NCPE accredited, which we think is important. All of the teachers are really educated and the curriculum is carefully designed for wee ones.

Good luck choosing!

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I?ve signed Ivy and I up for a ?Parent and Tot? morning at the recently opened Waldorf school near my work. It?s for 2 hours one day a week. I like the idea of Waldorf in general (natural materials, hands-on play, and no electronics). We?ll see how it is.

I do really like the idea of Montessori, maybe more than Waldorf, but I have found that most places here have the name ?Montessori? and really have not much to do with the theory behind it. If I do find one, maybe I?ll give it a try later.

Some friends of ours are really into ?self-directed? learning and ?unschooling?. In some ways I think that?s great too, but I think that it really depends on the kid and parents on how well that would work.

At this age (or any age really), I think that the most important thing for kids to learn is that figuring things out is fun and happens everywhere and all the time, and can be done by yourself: Making dinner (stirring, mixing, spices, patience), cleaning up (how can you fit everything in here?), getting dressed (how to put mittens on, zippers), play (fine/gross motor skills, organizing, fitting things together). Much of this can be fit into an evening.

What we are finding really fun this past couple weeks, is that Ivy has reached a stage where she can play a game WITH DSS (12yo) and they all have fun. DH has started playing a matching memory card gamem or with playdough while I put Leo to bed. It's great for everyone to have that time together, and it works on skills too. DSS, of course, wants to win, whereas Ivy just likes finding a pair. But she's reached a stage where she does understand the point of the game, and that's really fun! What's also really nice is that DSS has fine motor skill and concentration issues, so having him play with Ivy really pushes him to work on them in a fun way (make an animal in playdough for Ivy).

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Kaylin goes to a home daycare and technically is supposed to go to preschool by age 4, but she has learned an incredible amount already at daycare that I really don't see switching her to a preschool which is only a couple hours a week which adds more commute to my time and I'd have to leave work to do it, is worth the pain. She can name all of her shapes, colors, count to 20 in english, count to 10 in spanish, say her full ABC's, identify letters on cards/signs, and they are now learning how to write their names. Pretty sure that is the majority of what they learn in preschool. Her daycare provider homeschooled all of her children, so they are constantly learning!

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Em will start a 2 day a week Preschool in August.. Im excited for her. We did 1 year of pre-k for DS1 when he was 4 and then tried 2 years with DS2 at ages 3 and 4 and DS2 seemed to thrive.. DS1 was in dacare until he was 3 when I had DS2 so he got the social asspect of it. With DS2 he was/is like Em and only been home with me so I think doing 2 years is a good idea..

I also saw that DS2 learned the basics like his phone number and higher counting earlier than DS1 did.. I think its because he had the full 2 years of a somewhat structured pre-k before starting Kindergarden!

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I didn't send either of our oldest to daycare or preschool. IN retrospect, I think it would have been a great idea for Kieren - he struggled with the social aspects of school for a long time when he started.

I'm toying with the idea of enrolling Grady in Chilean preschool in March when it starts. It's 9-12:30, but FIVE DAYS a WEEK! I'm not sure I want to give up that much time with him... plus I think I'd feel guilty as I didn't send my others to any outside care so I think I'd feel like I'd be abandoning him a bit... but at the same time he's a really social little fellow and I think he'd LOVE it. We'll see... still thinking here.

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You know, Kirsten, I think it may be a GREAT thing. At 3yo picking up a second language is a piece of cake, and it's so good. I wouldn't worry about being different with different kids. Each kid is different and has different needs, plus the whole situation is different than it was with the other 2. Given the situation, if I could find a good preschool, I'd do it. I know that my mom says that I not only wanted to go mornings EVERY DAY. But I wanted to go all day, and they bribed the school into letting me even though they didn’t let 3 yr olds stay normally.