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I know we've had a 100 threads related to potty-training. But - I've been off work all week since Kay's daycare is closed so I thought I'd try the 3-day potty training. We started today because the week has been full of errands.

This first day has been h-e-l-l. Filled with pee everywhere and a running toddler who thinks it's hilarious to pee while running. She's peed all over the floors, the couch, the bed. She'll sit on the potty and then as soon as she gets up, pees everywhere.

I know I have to give it time and all the reviews said the first day is the hardest because they are being trained. She keeps asking for a diaper! She stayed dry at nap-time and we're not putting anything but panties on at bedtime either...I am probably crazy but the guide said by offering a diaper at anytime, it signals that the parent is giving up and gives the kid more power to not pee on the toilet.

Arrrggghh!! It's frustrating though. Trying to remain positive and offer a lot of praise. We've went thru a billion panties already!

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Big hugs, Mama! It could only get better, right?? Smile

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Shew! Good luck! I'm not even going there for awhile bc I'm scared ill put all the work in then she will regress with the new baby....I'm anxious to see how tomorrow goes as this is how I want to try n pt too....make sure u update!

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Good luck! Are you letting her go bare bottom? That is what worked for us. As soon as they sat on something soft (couch, chair, highchair) they would go. We even took the padding off of their highchairs and they stopped going. They werent allowed on the furniture until used the potty. But that would be harder at this age then when they were only 22 months because they had a harder time getting up on the furniture.

Anyway, I agree with you on the no diapers. That was our plan also. We did cave and gave them "naptime/bedtime panties" after the first week. I am getting ready to get rid of naptime panties, but they are still a little wet in the morning.

It does get easier. It's SO hard to not get discouraged, and then they feed off of that. Keep up the good work! And if it doesn't work, give it a few more months and try again. It's SOOOO worth the hard work to not have to change diapers anymore!

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Geez you're brave to go with no diaper/pullup for naps and bedtime.. I've never done that! All of mine seemed to pee when they were sleeping, although our first went dry night and day at the same time, around age 2 3/4... so maybe it is possible!

I know where you're at - we're kind of back there again. I've put Grady in diapers again as of about a week ago, when he had several accidents involving poo. He'd been so good for so long, but suddenly just started letting them rip in his pants again, on the sofa, once on a carpet etc. Not even making a move for the toilet. So I gave up and put the diapers back on, but with them on, he never even makes a move to even pee in the potty or toilet anymore. When he's diaper off, he goes himself most of the time to pee (and he used to go to poo too). So I really should probably bite the bullet and take them off again, and just be more vigilant about when he needs to go. But it's SO frustrating.. especially when you know they CAN do it, and it seems like they're choosing to not do it! :angry5:

So vent away mama.. I'll probably be cleaning up at the same time as you! lol GL today!

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Stay with it girl-- she can and will do it. Promise!

I'm not sure about the bedtime/nap advice-- bc my kids have varied so much with their night time training. They truly seem to do it in their own time-- Lexi and Taya both just started waking up dry just after they turned 2 (Lexi just had a nighttime accident at about 530a today-- her first in a few weeks....) But Miles and Callie woke up SOAKED forever. Miles is 4 and still wakes up totally wet. We used a pee alarm to train Callie when she turned 5-- and we tried on Miles a few weeks ago and it was a total disaster-- he does not wake up or even stir when he wets at night.....ugh. So he's still in a pull-up. I just tell you this so that you don't get frustrated.

But I totally agree on the absolutely no diapers during the day. Only when sleeping in our house.

GL! Remember the rest of the world PT's at an average of 16 months. Kay can do it!

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We go bare bum around here most of the time, although I am guilty of putting a diaper/pull-up on when we go out. I am just not that brave.

He is pretty good at home, we had a pee accident last night which was the first in a while, the poop is another story. He knows he has to go, and will go sit on the potty, but won't poop. He'll hold it in. Last night he did make a run for the potty, but only after he pooped on the floor in the hallway.

If we go out into the backyard I will put underpants on him, but like I said, I'm just not brave enough to go out in public without a diaper on. He doesn't like to sit on a big toilet, and I can't be carrying around the potty wherever I go.

He has fallen asleep on the couch a couple times now with no pants on, and hasn't peed, so that's encouraging, but he still wakes up wet despite going pee right before I get his pull-up/jammies on.

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Thanks for all the positive vibes.

I had to run into town today for college books since the semester starts on Monday. I put a diaper on her, because I had no other choice. She has not peed in the potty more than 2x in the last 2 days. And I could tell she was constipated and refused to go in the potty, but as soon as we went outside (only in undies)...she hid behind a tree and let it rip in the undies...that was a nasty, nasty mess. And now she's refusing to even sit on the potty! SO STUBBORN!!

I will keep trying!