PT'ing nightmares

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PT'ing nightmares

Kaylin is back and forth on potty training, when in public she usually tells us when she has to go pee. At home, it depends on what she's doing. At daycare, she has NO accidents. Well leave it to my kid to do totally inappropriate things...

Last night, I got in the shower while Wes was outside. Kaylin was watching a show and the bathroom is right beside the family room - and the door was open. My mistake for assuming this was OK. She comes running in naked saying, "I went pee-pee". Most of the time I would be exicted except I knew she didn't pee in the bathroom. So I hurry out of the shower...ask her where she went pee pee while she excitedly said the kitchen. She grabbed a loaf of bread off of the counter and PEED ON THE BREAD!!!! I am so not joking. What kid does that? This morning she secretly took off her pull-up, poo'd in her PJ bottoms and then hid them in the bathroom.

I don't like this part...they should be born peeing the potty Biggrin

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Oh geez Rebecca, thanks for the laugh! Lol the bread!!! That is just too darned funny for words!!! Smile

Grady is pretty resistant now too. He was really good for a long time, now it's more of a fun game, a way to push buttons. Sometimes he's just fine and will do his business on the toilet all by himself, others he'll just let 'er rip in his pj bottoms for example - while watching tv. Then traipse all the way downstairs, crushing the business into the carpet and every stair riser on the way.. to tell me that he pooed (with a smile). Joy of joys. If I had a dollar for every smear of poop I've cleaned off carpet... :rolleyes:

So I'm just keeping him in diapers for now. I do ask him sometimes if he wants to go, and he often does, and can do it just fine. I just can't trust hiim when I'm not around though - either in the house or (god forbid) out in a store. I'll give him a bit more time and try again when he thinks it's less of a joke.

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I almost had coffee coming out of my nose as I read that she peeded on the bread! I am sorry, I know it's not funny to you, but oh man she is too CUTE!!! I can just picture her little face! Like I tell Brooke all of the time, "God gave you a cute face because he knew you would need it!" I think it fits her too!

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O.M.G. GIRL you have your hands full!!!!!!! This girl has me cracking up! I can't say that I've ever had one of mine do that! lol Jake does ok, I haven't been too hardcore with the PTing yet. He will wear big boy undies and does well, if he has one accident in them, he typically won't have another. This am he woke up dry, so we sat on the potty and he went. I can't wait til this boy is PT'd!

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OMG IM DYING LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!! That is HILARIOUS! Please, please, please write these down in her baby book! I'm sorry Smile I know it wasn't funny at the time but you have GOT to be laughing now!

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:biglaugh: Oh man, Rebecca! I'm with you. The potty training part of this is rough. If only it was an automatic thing.

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Hey Rebecca - I've got a good one for ya this morning!

Grady was going around bottomless all morning, which is usually pretty successful. He went by himself to pee once and poo once this morning, so I was feeling pretty relaxed. So I made the mistake of putting some shorts on his bottoms. There seems to be something about wearing a nice soft fabric that encourages Grady to let loose. Well, within 3 minutes of having them on, I hear him say 'lights! Cwissmas twee!!" which is horrifying enough for starters, so I go on the run.. Find him standing next to the power cord, which he's plugged in, and standing in a huge puddle of pee.. that extends all the way under the tree skirt and under 3 wrapped presents. Soaked paper, the works.


Note to self: have to unplug the lights from the extension cord so he doesn't get the payoff of turning them on... talk about dangerous!