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Qotd 7/21/11

This is a multi-part question.

A) How many siblings do you have?

Dirol Are they older or younger than you?

C) How old are they?

D) Where are they now? What do they do?

I have two older sisters. Melinda is 44. She lives in SW Ohio too with her husband and 2 children (one boy and one girl). She is an industrial engineer. Melissa is 41. She lives in central Ohio with her 3 children (3 girls). She is divorced. She works for the State of Ohio managing in the medicare department. She manages the long term care program.

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I count myself as having just 1 really, but I actually have 2 others that are halfs...

My 'real' sister is Michelle, older (44), no kids, single, living in Vancouver BC. She is an RN as well as a RMT (registered massage therapist).

My other two are Linda (53??) and Mark (51 ish) from my dad's previous family in England. Because they were in England and because my dad was a complete deadbeat, I didn't even meet them until I was a teenager, and even then, have only seen them a few times each in my life. So they feel more like long-lost foreign cousins than siblings.

Mark has a 5th dan black belt in karate and runs a karate school.

Linda owns a hair salon and cuts hair.

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I have 1 older sister. She is 36 (I am almost 25) so we kind of got the best of both worlds, having a sibling, yet growing up as only children because she was out of the house by the time I was in 2nd grade.

She is a teacher at a community college. She is married and has 1 son, my nephew, Trey, who is 3.5 and I babysit him while she works.

She is my best friend.

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I am the youngest of 4!

My oldest sister Tammy is 44. She is an occupational therapist for a school district. She lives about 40 minutes from where we grew up and works in the school district that we all went to. She is married and has two kids and two grandkids (my niece with the 2 kids who is in the Marines). Her son just graduated High School and his party is next Friday, and my niece is home visiting before she gets deployed. She flew in yesterday!!!

My brother is 43 and lives in CA Sad He did a semester in college then joined the Air Force, which is how he got to CA, and has stayed there. He is married and has three girls. He currently works for Agilent Technologies (broke off from Hewlet Packard) and owns his own landscaping business).

My other sister is 33 and lives in the town we grew up in. He is a 3rd grade school teacher and works in the same district as my other sister. She is married and has 2 kids.

There is a 13.5 year difference between me and my oldest sister. Same parents, my mother just couldn't get pregnant for those 10 years between my brother and sister. So it was like they had two families. One week I graduated pre-school and the next week my sister graduated High School. My mother thinks it worked out perfect... as soon as the oldest two didn't need her as much she had the younger two. Then as soon as we didnt' need her as much she had the gradkids. Then as the oldest grandkids grew up, she now has the younger one!

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A) How many siblings do you have?: 2 sisters

Dirol Are they older or younger than you? Both younger,

C) How old are they? Erika is 24 and Alexandra is 18 next month

D) Where are they now? What do they do? Currently they both live in Cali, Erika (24) is married to a police officer and has 2 kids. Alex (18) is married (yes very young!) and her husband is in the Marines. She is actually moving back home next month while he is deployed.

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I have a half sister that is 6 years older than me. Growing up she never lived with us, and only came up on weekends. We have never been super close and currently don't speak very often. I wish we were closer.

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I have two younger sisters. Megan is 24, she is not married, and has an almost 3 year old daughter. Kimberly is 23, been married for 3 years, and they are having their first daughter in October! I am 26, so that gives you a good idea on how close we all are as far as age goes. My entire family lives in the same general area. Wes/I live the furthest away, about 30 minutes. Megan and my niece live at my parents house and my youngest sister lives about 10 minutes from me. It's nice having everyone so close, although we totally do not utilize the close distance and should really get together more often!

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I have 1 older brother. He’s 5 years older than me. He is One Laptop Per Child (OK, not really, but if it wasn’t for him they’d be screvved). I think that technically he’s supposed to be the Haiti contact for OLPC.

In many ways I’m jealous that he has the knowledge and ability and freedom to be able to go to Haiti and work at doing such a neat, useful thing. In many other ways, I wouldn’t trade any part of my life for it (DH, the LOs, great friends).

I do wish we talked more often, though.

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I have two brothers. I am the middle child and we are all 18 months apart. I have no clue how my mom did it! I give her mad props!

Nate is 29 and he works at Miller, which is a welding company. (not the beer!) he is married to his high school sweetheart and they have 2 girls.

Nick is 26 and he is going to school and works as an aprentice(not sure what for) he is married for 3 years. his wife and him are trying to get pregnant.

They live back home and they are all close to our parents houses. and as you know we are in TX. But even though they are in wisconsin we are still pretty close!! I am closer to my older brother as we talk at least once a week! (if not more) nick and I don't talk as much...he is busier playing softball every night of the week, well almost, and still in his party stage! lol

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A) How many siblings do you have?
I have 2 full sisters and a step-bro and step-sis...however we have been step for 20 years so we just all consider each other siblings
Dirol Are they older or younger than you?
All are older, I'm the baby Smile Oldest 'step' bro is 35, sis is 33, sis is 31, 'step' sis is 29 and I am 27
C) How old are they?
see above Smile
D) Where are they now? What do they do?
Matt (35) lives in CT and works for my dad's company through internet handling paperwork and some accounting business (married with 1 DD 3yrs old).
Katie (33) lives upstate here in DE and is an independant contractor with the state department of developmental services as a case manager for adults with disabilities (married with 2 kids, 7 yr old boy, 4 yr old girl... and a 10 yr old step son).
Karen (31) lives in MD where we grew up and is a Sped teacher like me at the highschool we went to (lives with her man, but not married or any kids...hopefully soon!).
Amy (29) lives in MD too but on the other side and is an architect (married but wants no children).

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I have one brother who is 6 yrs older than I am. He lives in Washignton and is a mechanical engineer.

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I have one older sister. She lives about 15-20 minutes away and is a high school math teacher. (she is married and has 2 children (so far))

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I have one brother, who is 2 years younger than me. He is a video engineer and travels all overr the world....most recently w. Metallica and Blue Man Group....he goes out w Michael Buble in August. He lives in Nashville ( though he is rarely there....) we are going there next week to see him.....so fun!

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A) How many siblings do you have?
I have 2 siblings, one brother, one sister.
Dirol Are they older or younger than you?
I'm the oldest, my brother is 16 mos. younger than me, and my sister is 34 mos. younger than me. Yeah, 3 kids in 3 years.
C) How old are they?
I'm 34, so that makes my brother 33 in September, and my sister turned 31 in February.
D) Where are they now? What do they do?

Tim works for E-Comm, which is our 9-1-1 call center, he does technical support for them, including programming new computers for the Vancouver police dept. He still lives with my mom for now, but he will be moving closer to work later this year(or whenever my mom gets her house up for sale!)

Brenda is an RN at one of the busiest trauma hospitals in Western Canada, she works in the OR, so she gets to scrub in on lots of different surgeries, from C-sections to organ retrieval for donations. She lives about 100 feet from me Smile for a few more weeks. Her and her husband are currently in my mom's NEW house, and are waiting for possession on their new place in Aug. They'll only be about 10 mins. away. They have one child, my niece, Paige, who will be 1 on Sunday.