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Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever seen one? Describe.

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Yes I do. I actually think my parent's house has one. I'll try to make this story short...

Growing up I was ALWAYS missing clothes: jeans, sneakers, etc... I would find them in the WEIRDEST spots, like in the spare closet that NOBODY ever goes into, in the bottom of the hamper that I just checked and was empty, etc... Just me, nobody else. I realized one day it was always my ESPRIT clothes, which is French for spirit. Then one day I was home alone and our doorbell just kept ringing and ringing and ringing. Nobody was their. I called my mother and she said "Take the batteries out, maybe they are dead." It was a battery operated door bell. So I take it down from the wall and it just starts going nuts in my hands. I open the battery part and there are NO batteries in it! I never threw something so hard in my life. When my mother got home from work that day I told her how their were no battieries in it. She said how just as it was happening, she was talking with a friend at work on how she thinks out house has a ghost but my father never believes her, and then this happens. One last thing, my dog used to wake me up BARKING in the middle of the night. One time I watch her, she sleeps in bed with me, and she is standing up barking at my closet which was at the foot of my bed, then slowly turns around all while barking and growling like it's at someone, and stops when she gets to my head and is just looking above me. FREAKY. I think there was one in my room and she is VERY protective of me and she didn't want it near me.

My parent's house was built in the 1880's sometime. There are stories that someone was hang in the basement. Just sort of freaky. So yes, I believe in them but I have never seen one.

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Geez Tara, that would make a great movie! You're freakin' ME out! lol That part about the doorbell is especially SPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKYYYYYYYY!!!

I'd like to believe in ghosts.. I had a few things happen when I was a kid/teenager/young adult that made me wonder. But nothing since.. yet another thing that sucks about getting old! Lol So I guess I'm not sure anymore. But I find all that kind of paranormal stuff very interesting!

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I have to admit that I am skeptical . . . but, I could be swayed . . . waiting to hear more stories . . .

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Yes, convinced that they are real.

When I was around 10, I was staying the night at my Dad's house. My bedroom was directly across from the living room, so I could see the couch from my bed with the door open. One night, I woke up for some reason around 1-2am. When I looked out of the door, very clearly on the couch was two white, almost translucent figures sitting on the couch. There was a larger one that looked like a middle-aged woman and a child, the larger figure was braiding the child's hair. I can still remember thinking, "Is this for real?...I laid back down and got up after a few more minutes and they were still there. I called out for my Dad, he turned on the lights, and after that night I never did see them again.

Like Tara, our current house, we will hear knocks at the door when nobody is there or a door will move or close. I have clothes missing, ones that I've laid out on the bed prior to going to work for the day, when I come home (before Wes even gets there)...they will be gone, seriously! We had a cat for the first year of living there long before Kaylin or any dogs, and she would hide all of the time. Always spooked about something, lost weight. We gave her to my parents and she perked right up, sweetest cat ever.

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Hmm this is tough for me. I've never seen a ghost, but some weird things have happened in our house since my MIL passed...this was her house. A few times our bedroom door has opened by itself and closed by itself once. One of our dogs also stares at the wall or closet or corner...whatever etc... for long periods of time. Neither one convinces me, but does make me wonder.

When I was in high-school I had a friends little brother commit suicide at the age of 10...he Hung himself. Well my friend was obviously having a really hard time w it. Our school secretary, whom we all loved and was young, came up to she and I one day. She said she was sitting on the side of her bed that morning and Kevin (my friends little bro) came to her real as day. He asked her to pls tell Quiana (my friend) that she could stop wearing his socks and that he would always be with her. When the woman told us this Q started crying and said she hadn't told anyone but she had been wearing his socks to feel close to him. I thought that was nuts!!

Ok one last one.... my mom lost her mom when I was two. My mom had finally gotten me to go to sleep on my own when my grandma died, but bc she was so sad she started rocking me to sleep again and sometimes going in my room at night to pick me up while I was asleep to rock me bc she said I made her feel better. My mom said that one night after months of this, my grandma came to her and said she had to let her go and me grow up, but she would always be there to watch over us and keep me safe at night.

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These stories are giving me the chills!

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Love these stories!!!!

I do not believe in ghosts really bc I've never had any experiences to prove they exist. If I had stories like you girls, I would totally believe in them!!

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Our day home provider told me a couple months ago that her son ( a couple months younger than Reed) frequently sees Reed outside the front window of their house, and opens the door to let him in. There son also talks and plays with him frequently. Also, the toys that Reed played with the most start playing sounds at random times (like when everyone is eating dinner, or the middle of the night), and are found in weird places.

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I believe in Ghosts.

I was sleeping at the inlaws upstairs bedroom and when DS1 was young I heard this laugh like it was in the corner of the room and freaked me out!

I had a dream of my grandma when we were living at Ft Knox. I was in my bed and my grandma was sitting there and she was alive. I asked kept saying why are you alive you are supposed to be dead. but I guess I didn't think of her enough because she was in my dream.

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Interesting stories.

Sarah - love the friend of Reed's story.

Tara & Rebecca - yikes!

Anne - I can so see your mom wanting to hold you closer at night when she was going through such a sad time.

Things that I could write about I don't really associate with ghosts. But they do have to do with dear people (mother; grandfather) that passed away. Typically they are dream related. :shrug:

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I believe in something..lol Its either ghost or my dang mind playing tricks on me, but we joke we have a "nice" ghost.. He/She takes things and hides them and 75% of the time we NEVER find them..lol

But I do have one instance that to this days gives me chills. It was late one night and everyone had gone to bed. I was letting the dogs out and my yorkie refused to get up when I said "cmon lets go potty", and usually she would start bouncing off the walls. So I get up and walk into the living room, and our kitchen is open and you can see into it from the living room. I glance over and see an older man sitting at the kitchen table. I starttle jump and litterally stare at "him".. Im like squinting my eyes to make sure Im really seeing something. I back up and flick the bedroom light on and it wakes DH up. Of course when the light comes on nothing is at the table. I know I saw something and I swear it looked like a man. He looked content and was just sitting at the table looking at me. SO WEIRD.. I wasn't scared (and Im a chicken over alot of things, including the dark..ha), but "he" didn't scare me..

DH thinks Im nuts and its all my imagination.. He might be right oooorrrr he might be wrong..