Quick Easy Dinner Thread

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Quick Easy Dinner Thread

Since I'm adding a new lil'un and school to my plate in a few weeks (well school is on the back burner until January, I'm only taking 2 classes until then)....I need some good 'go-to' meals that Matt can cook (He LOVES to cook, cooks much better than I do, but we need easy and quick for obvious reasons).........Any recipes will be great!

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Great idea Jessi! I'm going to stalk this thread too, if ya don't mind! Wink

Tonight's menu is the quickest and easiest of all: take out pizza! It's family fun night, and one kid is at a birthday party, the other at a school event, so we're going with trouble-free. I'll make it healthier with a nice smoothie on the side though.

My go-to super-fast, super-easy meal for any night of the week:


1 can refried beans (I always have many in the pantry)
1 pack whole wheat soft tortillas (I keep them frozen)
cheddar cheese (or any other for that matter)
sliced avocadoes and tomatoes
canned corn and jalapenos - optional..

I just put the beans on the wraps, top with cheese, then a few slices of avocado and diced tomatoes, then into a hot no-stick frying pan with a little olive oil. They seal shut so are easy to pick up afterwards, even for the LO's, and everyone in our family LOVES them.

Dinner can be ready in 15 minutes or less - we usually buy bags of prewashed spring greens, so that's an easy side-dish. Or frozen peas, my other go-to quick and easy veggie.

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I think nearly all of our weekday meals are quick and easy.

I make a menu every Sunday afternoon and post it for the week. Trey does the cooking during the week since I'm at work.

This week's menu was:
chicken salad in whole wheat pitas ( I cheated about bought the pre-made chicken salad from the rotisserie chickens at the deli!)
fresh green beans

spaghetti, green salads, bread

cheese omelettes, fresh strawberries, whole wheat toast

steak kabobs w mushrooms, onions, and peppers, and cous cous

Tonight I think we'll get take-out Smile since I still have some cash left from our weekly "allowance".

We do a lot of quick burritos like Kirsten. And eggs and beans. When it gets colder we do crock pot meals more often-- but right now we are grilling out a good bit.


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We do the Ez Mealz Plan - right now we're on the low fat plan b/c of this cholesterol issue. It's a lot of fresh fruits and veggies which we enjoy. With both of us working FT, we would come home and not have a clue to do for dinner, most of the time we'd just go out to eat. So now, I print the menu off each week - grocery bill was cut in 1/2 b/c there is no junk. And each night, we have what we are going to fix! It's easy for Wes or I.

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Let's see, we do alot of bbqing here, can't go wrong with that! LOL But in the winter that dies down and little and I do other things like:

Creamy Italian ckn in the crockpot-4-5 ckn breasts, 1 can of cream of ckn, 1 can of cream of mushroom, cream cheese, onions, mushrooms (canned) and 2 packets of dried italian dressing mix. Let cook all day and I serve over noodles

Spaghetti and meatballs in the crockpot.

Tacos or fajitas, I will cook mine in the oven. Super easy and they come out alot tender.

Little smookies and Mac and Cheese......I do this sometimes when DH is working late, the kids love it. I cook the smookies in a little beer, then add bbq sauce. Sometimes I add a little onion to it as well.

Rotisserrie ckn wraps..........easy as pie with the ckn already cooked. I just get some tortillas, lettuce, tomatos, maybe a little cesar dressing and thats it!

I will have to think of some more Smile

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Another superquick and easy one is spaghetti marinara, which we had last night. I'm sure tomatoes are in season for all you guys, so all the better!

I make mine really simply, but having fresh basil makes all the difference. Last night we had ours over cheese tortellini with (brussel sprouts - gag! But I ate 'em with a smile on my face, lol).

I make mine with really good quality extra virgin olive oil, then chop up fresh tomatoes and put them in the pan, add some salt to taste, and let them simmer while the water is cooking the pasta. I chop garlic ahead of time and let it sit on the cutting board for the 15 minutes the noodles are cooking (releases way more of the beneficial qualities of the garlic) then put it in as I take the tomatoes off the heat. I puree mine with a hand blender as Kieren has an aversion to chunks of tomatoes.. then rip in a nice big handful of fresh basil and stir through. Add to noodles, and then at the last minute, a little drizzle of more extra virgin olive oil and a handful of parmesano reggianno (no canned stuff allowed! lol). Our kids love love love this meal.

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Last night we had a quick dinner which is a favorite of ours, a tomato tart.

I take a sheet of store bought puff pastry (defrosted to room temperature) and put it on a cooky sheet, slather pesto over it, decorate this with halved small fresh garden tomatoes of several types and colors on top of that, with some fresh basil added too. The only trick is to take a sharp knife and draw a line a half inch around the perimeter of the rectangle. This makes a really nice puffy crust! You can drizzle a little olive oil on top (or not). Put this in a 400F oven for about 15 minutes. You can use this as a lunch all by itself or add a green salad and make it a light dinner. With the yellow, orange, red and maybe purple tomatoes, it's pretty enough for company too!