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Random Question (XP)

Whether you work inside or outside of the home what is your biggest struggle with your work? What is the most rewarding part of your work?

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Biggest struggle........hmmm would have to be that I don't get to attend the kids stuff like I want to. I work about 35miles from home, so going to the kids parties at school is hard and I feel like I miss out on alot. Also, like I said above, 35miles from home, that doesnt include dropping and picking up from daycare, so the drive.........I struggle with the commute. So I end up working 7:30am-3:30pm without a lunch.

Rewarding........I feel like I get a little bit of Rachel time, if that makes any sense.

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Biggest Struggle - MONEY

It sucks not being able to help out money wise with the bills/expences!!! And its HARD!

Best Reward - I get to be here with the bebes!! When they get home Im there smiling and waving as they get off the bus. We can go to the park, zoo, etc whever we want! LOVE IT

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Biggest Struggle: Not being able to spend my whole day with Kaylin.
Biggest Reward: The time I do spend with her, I completely savor. It's OUR time!

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I only work part time (YEAH!!! I love it, don't know if I will ever go back full time). I have to work a minimum of 20 hours, but I usually work 24-26, just because if I left after my 5 hours I would get to daycare during the girls nap.

Hardest part - leaving the girls! I find myself MUCH more relaxed and able to enjoy them when I'm not rushed to get them to daycare so that I can get to work. Daycare is closed for a week every August, and I REALLY enjoy them that week because it's all just fun and not rushing rushing rushing.

Best part - I enjoy my job. I enjoy challenging my brain. I am a math, science, engineer person, so I don't feel like my mind is mentally challenged with the girls. Oh my patients is challenged! And also, I LOVE when I pick them up to see them both run to me saying "MAMA". Best part of my day!!! And like Rebecca said, it makes me truly enjoy every second I do have with them!