Rear Facing and cribs... are we alone?

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Rear Facing and cribs... are we alone?

Anyone else still have their LOs rear facing or in cribs? When we were camping I put the carseats in my mothers fan since we had my niece and nephew or else we would have had to take two vehicles when ever we went somewhere. DH and I decided that when we put the carseats back in my SUV that we would turn them around. Of course we forgot to do it and Monday morning when I went to put the girls in the car they weren't installed, so I just put them rear facing again since I know how to do that quickly. But I think we will turn them around soon. NOw just to find the time and actually remember to do it when we aren't in the car!

They are also still in cribs! Hey, I'll leave them their as long as possible. They dont' climb out, and I know once they are in beds they will keep eachother awake and take all of their clothes out of the drawers, etc... Anyone else still in a crib? I know our days are numbered.

I also think since we most likely won't have anymore, it's really sad to say bye to this phase and admit that they are growing up Sad

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Ev is still in his crib and I am fine with him staying in it! He can't get out and he actually enjoys sleeping in it. DH mentioned transitioning to the toddler bed but I would prefer to try it once I get back from my trip. I think my in-laws will have enough to do with Ev and don't need to worry about him possibly getting put of bed on his own!

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I think it's all about preference at this point. Kaylin is front-facing and has been in a toddler bed since her 1st birthday. She would not sleep in a crib and has slept great in the toddler bed, so that works for us. We turned her FF in the car last summer, she is 98% for height and would scream b/c her legs were always bent. I know that isn't a "reason" to turn but it was more comfortable and she was past the limits required.

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You are not totally alone. Lexi was RF until I did a 4 hour drive by myself with all four kids back in June. We switched her for that trip and didn't switch her back.....Truly, she only weighs 22 lbs right now-- so she was just at the minimum to turn her around and I felt more comfy w her backwards. If we didn't have others, I'd probably still have her RF--but she was to the point that she would climb into Miles' seat and refuse to get back into hers (same seat, his is FF hers was RF.)

And she is totally in a crib. I'll leave her in there until she climbs out or until around her 3rd bday. We didn't move Miles until he was 38 months--lol. He was so happy in there I saw no reason to switch it up.

I savor this baby phase, too. It goes so so quickly!

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Glad we aren't alone with the crib thing! Friends keep saying how they are shocked they are still in cribs. But they like them! It's actually really cute because they are in the same room and will pass/throw stuffies to eachother.

As far as the carseats, they don't mind it, they fit fine, and they have NO idea that they could possibly even go the other way since they don't have older sibblings.

Yup, part of it is me just hanging on to the baby phase. So sad to watch them grow up, but so rewarding and amazing at the same time!

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Mason would still be in a crib if it weren't for us needing the crib for another baby. We moved him shortly after his 2nd birthday into a toddler bed because I wanted the crib to be far enough in his past he wouldn't think the baby was taking away "his" crib.

He has been forward facing for a long time because last summer I had to take a trip by myself and needed to be able to easily hand him drinks/snacks and after that he would not have been happy to turn back around.

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We just made the move to the toddler bed about 10 days ago. We changed him because he was in a pack n play (due to his constant need to bash his back against the side of the bed, and it was mesh instead of the wood of his crib) - and he was really getting too big for the pack n play. He looked immense in there when I put him in (he's now about 33 pounds). So we changed his crib into the toddler bed (sniff sniff), and it's been SUPER easy... just as easy as it was with DD. He refuses to get out of it by himself, and will just sit there and call until sometimes comes to get him when he wakes up. Oh, and no more head bashing, thankfully! Wink

Car seat, we just changed him about a month ago. We were going on a longish trip and wanted to play a movie that they could all watch, so we turned him around and he's been ff ever since. He was perfectly happy rf though, the only reason we changed him was to let him watch movies! Smile

I know what you mean though, I'm trying to hold on to all things baby myself. But the crib and carseat, there's no need to change unless you see a problem - if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Smile I read somewhere recently that some toddlers are not ready to be switched into a bed until around age 3... that if they keep getting out of bed after a week of trying, you should put them back in a crib and not try til they're a bit older. If only I'd known that with DS1... we had so many power struggles over him not ever staying in bed... the things we learn after the fact! Wink

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Cooper is still in the crib, and I intend on leaving him in there until he figures out how to climb out. Colin scored a Thomas toddler bed at a garage sale for $50, but we're going to store it at my mom's for a while until we need it.

As for the carseat, I moved him on his 1st b-day. Our law is 1 year old and 20 lbs, and he was quite a few lbs. over that. We took a 10 hr. trip right afterwards, so it was much better for me Smile

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M is now FF. He meets the weight requirements and he is tall. Those long legs! He is also in a twin bed but I needed the crib for Matthew. Not sure but most likely he'd still have the crib if it wasn't needed.

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We are FF and in a twin bed. It was when DH was home on R&R in FEb. She will sometimes get up in the middle of the night, climb in to our bed and I won't notice until morning...but for the most part she will stay in her bed!

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We're in the FF and toddler bed club!

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Liese's been FF for awhile now, but I have no intentions of moving her out of the crib until she no longer fits or climbs out. We already have enough issues keeping DS in bed! :rolleyes: