Rebecca & Kaylin

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Rebecca & Kaylin

I'm so sorry I haven't shared pictures yet! I've been so bad lately with pictures. Michael loves everything you sent to him. Thank you again! I feel like such a bad swap partner this time because I can't find the original pictures I took of him actually opening them. They have to be on my computer somewhere. I'll have to look again. I didn't name them so I know they are just numbered. Michael is always playing with the cow, giraffe and horse. Cow and giraffe especially. Don't mind M's ice cream marks on his chair. I need to go wash that now. Lol

Also, thank you so much for the shirts and the shorts. Love, love them!

And - his hat - he wears it all the time! M's teeth are bothering him in this picture so he is doing this lip grip thing that he does.

We can't thank you enough for everything!!! So sorry it took me so long to share pictures! :bighug:

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Oh, don't feel bad - you are BUSY!
He is just adorable, so glad that you all liked everything!

When we bought his little animals, Kaylin just had to have the same thing and she loves her's too!

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He looks adorable in his hat!!!

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He looks so handsome in his hat!

Those animals- man oh man Sierra has tons of them. She just loves them. And now Cooper has started to play with them too.

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He is too stinkin cute! Love the hat!