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Roll Call!!

Hey Mama's, just wanted to see how everyone was doing? We've been kind of slow lately, sorry I've haven't been posting much, been out of commission Sad I miss everyone, let's all try to do a chat night soon!!!

What has everyone been up to?!

I'm making an appt for Jake tomorrow. He's had what looks like a enlarged lymph node on the back of his neck for a few weeks now and it's not getting any smaller. I didn't freak out at first bc I've had them when I'm trying to fight something off and then they went away. But his hasn't gone away and it hasn't gotten any smaller. He doesn't act like it bothers him and when I touch it he doesn't cry. I'm just really nervous and I pray I'm just over reacting.

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I hope Jake is fine at his appointment today - I'm sure it's nothing serious.

THings here are well with all of us! Richard and I had a date night on Saturday night, went out to our fave restaurant and then to a bad movie (Dream House).. but it was fun. Sunday we went hiking in the hills - this time we actually found a hike that only involved walking uphill the whole way, instead of literally mountain climbing uphill the entire way. It was through a forest, shady and cool, then up into a cactus covered hillside for a view of our area - beautiful!

The kids are all well - Mimi's broken toe is healing lightening fast! She hiked 2 hours yesterday on it without complaint, amazing. The kids had parent teacher interviews last week. Kieren - same old same old. Super smart but not doing the work. Mimi, doing great.. but I hated her teacher. THe first thing she said to me was, "She's doing very well, great girl but sneaky. But you know, she's a girl, and all girls are sneaky, right?" WTH???!! The woman is a lunatic, she said other off-colour things as well during our meeting. But Mimi still likes her, so we'll stick it out. 8 more months, 8 more months... Wink

Grady is super clingy at the moment, incredible separation anxiety phase. He freaks out if I even leave the room, let alone leave the house. Even if he's with DH, he goes into histrionics if I go out to the store without him for 10 minutes. Very strange. He couldn't go in the play area with his sister at the store o n the weekend, because he couldn't bear to be separated from me. Hope it ends soon - it's very limiting.

His new comment that I find so endearing, is that every time he gives me a hug he says "love you too mama". He hasn't realized that the 'too' is supposed to be for after someone else says it. Wink

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I hope you are feeling better every day Rachel. HUGS honey. I wish I lived closer to give you a hand or make you dinner or something. I hope that Jake is ok. I used to get those when I was around Jake's age too. Turned out to be nothing major, but better to be safe and get it checked out.

WOW, Mimi hiked with a broken toe? What a tough little girl! You always seem to do such fun things Kirsten!

We had a pretty quiet weekend. I have been fighting a cold/chest cold for almost three weeks now. My asthma was pretty bad this weekend, still is. Yesterday we went over to a friends house for dinner. They have a daughter about a year younger then our LOs, it was so cute to see the three of them play together, and with the puppy too! We got a puppy last Sunday! I'll post pictures on a different thread. She is SOOO stinkin cute, but it's like having a newborn in the middle of the night with her having to go outside like every 2 hours.

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I'm still here. Like a bad cold, I just hang around and you can't get rid of me. LOL!

We are all well. My dh, Rob, is starting a new job. He is a construction manager. He is going to be managing the renovation of a hospital at the Air Force base. He has to take a class given by the Army Corps of Engineers about military procedures in construction. Then, he has to pass a background check before he starts. So, he has a week or two off. He is doing some project at home - cleaning out and reorganizing the garage and doing some major landscaping.

It's hay fever season and my allergies are going berzerk. My eyes and nose just run and run. I also am prone to cough attacks. I am the only person in my family who doesn't like fall and it's because of hay fever season.

I got some bad news at work. We just relocated offices in September. It wasn't cheap either. My new landlord just announced that he is having financial problems and he may lose the building. That means another possible move for us. *sigh*

The kids are busy with soccer and cub scouts and dance class. Jackson and Cami have had a difficult transition to 3rd grade and 4 y.o. preschool. Jackson is having a lot of trouble getting along with a couple of difficult kids in his class. I am trying to teach him coping skills and work with his teacher. But, his teacher is the type that punishes first and asks questions later. I feel like she doesn't listen to what Jackson is saying. Cami, otoh, expected everything to be the same as last year - same teacher, same classmates (even though her new teacher came for a home visit and we went to an open house). It just took a few days for her to adjust.

Like Grady, Kaitlyn is going through major separation anxiety. EVEN THOUGH SHE GOES TO THE SITTER 4 DAYS A WEEK. This morning, Dh had to take her to the sitter and she cried the whole way because I was not the one taking her. The lightbulb has also gone off and she has started to talk a bluestreak. She has decided to nickname herself Fifi. So, now Cami is Mimi and she is Fifi. It cracks me up.

That's about it! Can't wait to hear from the rest of you.

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Hi, all! I'm here-- busy, but here.

I leave for Taiwan and Korea in the morning. SO NOT READY. SO DON'T WANT TO GO! Ugh. It will be fine, but I'm really just hoping that I don't get super sick while I"m there with m/s. I've decided that I'll claim to be vegetarian while there (to avoid eating some of the strange things I ate while in Thailand....)

Kids are good. We just had conferences, too. And I still don't like Taya's teacher (Kirsten, like you, she says things that drive me crazy.....) Callie is whip smart, but easily distractable. Figures.....

Trey has completely re-organized our garages for the winter so that we can put two cars IN. This is a big feat (even though we have a three car garage....we have no less than 20 bikes--not kidding-- plus two powerwheels, scooters, wagons, roller blades....good grief!) But it is looking lovely.

Lexi has figured out how to climb in and out of her crib easily. Though for some reason she doesn't do it at night (thank goodness!) I think we'll have to move her out of the crib before she is three :(. Boo. She's foiling my plans. She is cracking me up lately with her words and phrases and "reading" books. Adore her.

Back to work-- I'm hoping to skip out early today to spend time w the kids before my big trip. I'll try to post from Asia....not sure if I'll be successful or not. Smile See ya on the 26th!

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Still swamped with Haiti stuff for DS. It has been stressful as well as kind of fun. Next, inoculations for our trip there in December as well as getting Deet, mosquito netting and air mattresses, tent etc. Oh yes, and clothes!

Tonight is book club and I need to go finish the dessert and set the table and clean a couple of rooms...and well, you know!


Here are the sweeties:

garden cleanup...

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"boilermaker" wrote:

Hi, all! I'm here-- busy, but here.

I leave for Taiwan and Korea in the morning. SO NOT READY. SO DON'T WANT TO GO! Ugh. It will be fine, but I'm really just hoping that I don't get super sick while I"m there with m/s. I've decided that I'll claim to be vegetarian while there (to avoid eating some of the strange things I ate while in Thailand....)


Hey Audra, don't skip the meat in Korea! (oh yeah, I just remembered why, cuz you're a preggo again!!! Wink ).. okay, maybe this won't work then if you're feeling sick. But if you're not, you have to try the Kalbi (barbequed beef short ribs you cook at your table) for dinner, and the bibimbap ('beebimbop') - mixed marinated veggies, rice, an egg and just a bit of ground beef - for lunch. Love them both.. still go out for them pretty regularly even after all these years!

Have a great trip my friend - looking forward to hearing all about your adventures! Smile

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Hello! I'm mostly in lurk mode these days.. sorry ladies! I find I have so little time to be on the boards with my horrid commute to/from work (1 1/2 hrs minimum one way) that every moment at home is usually spent tending to the kids' evening routine and by the time that's done I just melt in a puddle in front of the TV.

Wish DH and I could sell our place and get out of the city and closer to our workplaces, but with the housing market the way it is.. we''re going to face scheduling/commuting challenges for the forseeable furture! :confused:

The kids are both well, in age-appropriate preschool programs and DS in tae kwon do. I'd love to add an activity for Anneliese, but we'd only be able to do so on the weekend since our weeknights are already so crazy. I'm thinking swimming or gymnastics! Smile

Liese's had a huge language explosion and is talking nonstop now. I love watching little guys' personalities develop at this age!! This morning I was helping her stack some mega blocks into a "castle" and when we got down, she hugged me and said, "You did it mommy!! I'm so proud of you!" :cloud9:

Hope folks continue to post 'cause I love, love, LOVE the updates, photos, etc!!

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"kirsteng" wrote:

His new comment that I find so endearing, is that every time he gives me a hug he says "love you too mama". He hasn't realized that the 'too' is supposed to be for after someone else says it. Wink

Haha Cooper does the exact same thing! He kept saying I love you, so I'd say I love you too, and now he just says I love you too mama. Funny guys Smile

The garage seems to be popular lately. That's our plan for today actually. Colin had this VW Rabbit truck project, that he ended up selling yesterday. We had it on a hoist in the garage, so he got it out of there, but he also built a trailer out of another truck box that he is sending along to the guy as well, so we have to dig it out Smile The upside is that with the money he made, we can pay off what's left on my truck loan Biggrin

It's Colin's b-day tomorrow, and this Friday it's Pro-D from school, so we are going across the border down to the Seattle area to do some shopping, going to stay overnight at my friends' house, visit with one of the mom's from my April BB, and eat Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster, for which I'm super stoked. Man I love Endless Shrimp Smile I have been looking forward to it all year haha. The closest one up here is in Edmonton, 12 hours away. Seattle is only 3 1/2.