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Sassy Mouth

I wish someone would have warned me how bad the sass mouth can be at 2.5 - some days, I actually wonder what it would be like to have a quiet, mindful little child...instead of one that likes to sass me about everything.

For instance, here are a few phrases that she's been saying lately:

"Mom, stop TALKING to ME"
"I said NO"
"I don't want to"

She backtalks and argues over everything. I feel like I am living with a 16 year old, not a 2.5 year old. I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually screamed yesterday out of frustration when she kept telling me, "No" or "I don't want to". Then it hurt her feelings and I felt bad. Totally not an appropriate way to react but jeeze! I've tried timeouts, those are useless. I've taken away toys or CD's, she forget after a few minutes. She's been getting in trouble at daycare for arguing as well, like the daycare lady was telling her what jello was and her response was "No it's not". REALLY!

Please tell me I am not alone, what are you doing to curb the attitude?

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I feel your pain! Ev's response to everything is "No" when it involves me asking/telling him anything! Somehow, he won't do it to his dad very often. I stopped asking him yes/no questions but he still manages to fit "no" into his reply.

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Oooh, that tiny Kaylin is a firecracker! Smile Is it bad that I'd love to see her in action (even though it must be SUPER frustrating) cuz she sounds so cute!? Wink

Grady is not too bad with that kind of verbal stuff yet - I think boys lag behind the girls verbally until they're about 3'ish. So he's not overly sassy yet - the only thing I can think of that he does is: when we're reading a book and he wants to discuss/go back to look at a picture (which is often) he'll shoosh me with a finger to the mouth, and if I don't stop reading right away, he'll shout 'STOP! STOP READING NOW!!!" except it's actually kind of comical as he can't say 's' yet so it comes out as "DOP! DOP WEADIN NOW!!!" Smile

My only suggestion is to try to avoid giving her the opportunity to say 'no' to you so many times. If she says 'no' to something once, don't ask again.. and if you're trying to give a bunch of choices (hoping she'll say yes to something) I'd stop after just two or three, if it looks like she's being obstinate, and instead say something like 'maybe you can think about it and let me know what you DO want. I'll be in the kitchen'.

And when they speak rudely (I said NO!), I like to make a joke of it. Widen my eyes, look shocked, and ask 'is that how we answer someone?? I said NOOOOOOOOO!' (really exaggerating the rudeness). She will probably laugh, if she's anything like my other two. Then say, 'maybe you can show me how to say it in your nicest way - what would that sound like'?

But of course, that does give her the opportunity to say 'NO!' :rolleyes:

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Just like Grady, Ev's verbal skills are not developed enough to have much back talking yet!

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I would like to request a boy next then, please!!

Some of the things she says are funny, and I she keeps saying them. But then there are other times when I'm trying to get her out of the house on time when she pulls it and it's SO frustrating. She is a total firecracker!

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Emily is also a little sass!!! My boys were never like this!!!!! Sometimes I wonder where she gets the phrases from because I have never said those!! She had said a naughty word and kept saying it and got soap in her mouth. and now when I say you better not say those words or don't say naughty words we get bubbles in our mouth she will cover her mouth and say no bubbles. or she will say the word and then say thats a bad word.

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Cooper can be sassy when he wants to be, lol. If I tell him don't do that, he'll say "no mama, YOU don't!"

Or if we're in the car and I'm singing, which is often haha, he'll go "NO mama. You no sing."

His latest phrase is "Mama I know sumthing" He likes to use it at bedtime especially- "mama I know sumthing" "I know something too- it's bedtime, goodnight!" Hahaha.

As for what to do about it- if he has a meltdown, then I just tell him I can't understand when he's screaming, and that when he calms down I will talk to him. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes he'd rather just lay on the floor screaming like I'm stabbing him because I won't let him have chocolate chips, or play with water in the kitchen sink.

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Oh Rebecca, Kaylin has me cracking up! I know, not so much fun for you Smile

Jake and Drew really don't sass me too much. If and when they do, they are such tender lilles and Mama's boy's that I just have to get a look on my face and a sturn voice and ask "Do we speak to Mommy that way" and they are in tears and apologizing. NOW, with that said......I have a 10yr old that has been sassing me for's to the point now where some days I don't even want to speak to her. I know that sounds bad, but shoot when I can do NOTHING right and everything's and exhausts me. One minute she's the sweetest child ever and the next watch out. I feel for you girl! I know excatly what you are dealing with!

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"kirsteng" wrote:

Oooh, that tiny Kaylin is a firecracker! Smile Is it bad that I'd love to see her in action (even though it must be SUPER frustrating) cuz she sounds so cute!? Wink

I'd also love to see her in action!

Brooke sasses more then Addison. She likes to tell me "Go away Mommy!" Its hard, but I either try to ignore it, get her to laugh, or depending on how the rest of the day has gone punish her. The thing that works the best for both of the girls is to take away books before bedtime. We actually have a jar for each of them with little balls in them. They start out with two balls each day, and if they don't listen or misbehave they lose a ball. If they are good, they can earn balls back. How ever many balls are in the jar at night they get to pick that many books to have me read them before bedtime. It works pretty well. Saturday at my parents for Thanksgiving dinner Brooke pushed me away as I was cleaning her face. I had already told her once to behave and I went to pick her up to remove her. She touches my hand so nicely and says "Sorry hit you Mommy. No lose book" Everyone had to turn their head to not laugh at her!

Addison, she's just not a sasser. You look at her crossed eyed and she cried and gets SOOOO upset when she is in trouble. It actually makes me want to cry to see her cry.

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If Michael is going to do this he is not yet there. *phew* We'll see. When M is overtired he gets whiney but he doesn't really talk back...yet.

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Mason has just started saying "I don't want to" and he says "no" to everything. Usually he will still do what I tell him, but he will say no and cry about it, like when I tell him to go potty. He says no and cries all the way there sometimes, but still does it. Though he is getting to where he is not doing what he is told more and more often. Before he would just say "ok" and go.

I don't really know what to do about it, but once he starts throwing huge fits, I put him in bed and tell him if he is going to act like that it means he needs a nap. So I put him in bed and then he comes out when he is ready to act better.

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oh man, she is a stink pot! Overall G isn't bad with the sassing, although she can get into it pretty good when she wants to. Most of the time if she starts I will tell her it's not nice and then usually leave her for a min so she sees she isn't getting my attention that way. If I need her to do something and she doesn't, like put her jacket on, I tackle her and do it anyway while she kicks and screams Smile LMAO!

We have 'spanked' her (literally a tap on the butt, nothing hard, and she BAWLS and says "don't get my hiney!" haha I think it's more of a hurt feelings rather then a hurt hiney) before and if that is threatened she does whatever we ask asap.

Usually threatening a consequence and counting to three works. She hates going to her room when shes throwing a fit, but I will scoop her right up if she doesn't stop, put her on her bed and tell her she can come out when shes done. Then when she comes out we talk about why she was upset and why I needed whatever it was from her to stop. It doesn't usually take her long before she stops and comes out. Sometimes I think they need the time out to calm down....and lord knows I do!