Saying HI from our neck of the woods...

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Saying HI from our neck of the woods...

Hey ladies - just wanted to drop in and say "Im still alive"... Smile I do come by time to time and try and catch up, and it seems everytime I come by Im logged out and its a huge PITA to sign back in for some reason.. But I know excuses, excuses.. Im so glad to see all the little preggos around, and all the sweet pictures of our May babies growing.. Its so hard for me to grasp the big 3 birthday is coming soon...sighhh

We are well, hanging on.. Since Jan everything has been a blur. super crazy long story short my oldest went in to the doctor with some bad belly pains, loss appetite, super lethargic fast forward 2 months, hospital stays, test after test, medicines after medicines, questions after questions, scopes, tubes, diet changes, etc and we still have no solid answers.. And I litterally can't go into it typing or talking without having a breakdown.. Right now we are sitting at Mesenteric Adenitis with IBD/IBS.. And I have come to learn the term Mesenteric Adenitis is like a diagnosis of croup in the sence a generic we really don't know why diagnosis.. So right now we are treating symptoms.. We have meds for pain, we have altered diet to kick down symptoms, yet he came down with strep this past week and its like weeks of hard work just kicked him down in 3 days.. We even had to cancel his 10th birthday b/c he was sick and his immune system was so low.. BUT I will say there has been improvement, lots compared to the end of January..

As far as my younger son and miss Emily they are doing great.. Emily is soooo bossy, my mom just chuckles at my expense and smirks "shes just like you".. She is fiesty, yet has that nurturing side.. She is just tough and rough and she makes me nervous playing with girls her age.. Shes use to wrestling with a 7 and 10 year old, & sister has umph... Wink

Well thats about it - I know I have posted it before, but I am going to be around alot more.. I miss chatting with my girls and venting to those that can relate.. Smile HUGS

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Hi Mama! Good to see you back here!

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OMG Suzie-- how scary for you. I"m so sorry you are dealing with so much right now......I wish they could give you some answers. Tummy pains are terrible and I can't imagine dealing with it as a little guy. ((HUGS))

Hope to see you around more-- but we understand if you're not. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and your family.

Emily is so cute! Where did we get these little girls (who no longer look like toddlers?!?!?)

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I hope you get answers on the medical front and can begin dealing with DS1's issues soon!
Bossy Miss Emily is adorable and looks so different now with her long blond hair! Oh those eyes!!!
Come visit again soon!

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Suzie, it is really good to hear from you. Miss Em is one gorgeous little lady! I'm really sorry things have been so tough with DS1. Have you thought about consulting with the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt? You may already have done that, but I thought I'd offer the suggestion. My sister's daughter has been treated there extensively since having a birth defect. They have some tremendous specialists, and I know Vandy docs offer consultations. I hope you find an answer soon. It is awful to see your little one hurting and not be able to help! Keep us updated on the progress.

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Thanks Ladies.. I have missed this board!!!

Ginny - Vanderbilt Childrens is actually the hospital were he was admitted and has been going throughout this.. His GI speicalist is there and its were he has had his surgeries as a baby and now all this stuff.. I love his GI doctor, the ER not so DS2 was also in the NICU there at birth!! Smile

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That's great, Suzie. At least you know he is in really good hands. I'm sure they'll get it figured out. I just hope it is sooner rather than later!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your son! I pray you get answers or it all just goes away!!

Lily is bossy and sassy too! Except she is my DH, not me!

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Oh how scary with your son. I really hope that they figure it out soon. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Emily is just too STINKIN cute!!!! Addison is sassy and Brooke is bossy. 3 is a fun age other than that!

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Hi Susie - so great to see you and the gorgeous Miss Emily again! Smile She has that devil-may-care smile, doesn't she???! Wink

I'm so sorry to hear about your oldest son - how unbelievably scary... Sad :( Sad I'm glad to hear though that he's at a great children's hospital and that he's improving. I'll be sending you guys lots of t&p's in the coming weeks!