She slept in her swimsuit.

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She slept in her swimsuit.

Not bc she fell asleep that way. Not bc it was *that* hot in her room. She just wanted to. And I let her. I guess sometimes it is good to be the fourth.

I actually put her into a clean swimsuit after her bath-- bc she'd been wearing the one she had on for two days (spent one day at a water park...)

It wasn't worth the fight and I couldn't convince her to put on jammies (or anything else for that matter...)

I wonder if Trey will wrestle her out of it today. Fingers crossed!

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Aww, that's just precious! Did you get a pic of her sleeping in her swimsuit??

Grady got a new swimsuit in the mail last night that I ordered for the upcoming summer. Of course he HAD to put it on right away... "fwimfuit! FWIMFUIT!!!" and then he was thrilled thrilled thrilled that I'd also ordered him a pair of sunglasses that have a velcro strap around the back of the head. He wore them both around the house until bedtime, despite the limited visibility since it was dark here already. He kept peeking at me and when I looked at him, he'd say 'beach??? puhleeeeeeeease'???

I think Grady and Lexi would be fine friends at the beach! Wink

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Haha I used to wear mine for days too when I was mom would just wash it and me in the tub so 'we' were clean lol I was also the baby in my family Smile

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That's so cute! I hope you got pictures!

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No worries Momma. Spending the summer in your swim suit is one of the best parts of being a kid. I bet she looks precious. Did you take a pic?

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How sweet!