Spinning (and spinning and spinning)

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Spinning (and spinning and spinning)
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That's too cute! I put Cooper in one of those things last weekend, and man, did he look green! Smile

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I'm laughing so hard I have tears! I have never seen one of those before, but they look like fun. Was the towel there in case she threw up! LOL!

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Oh man that is too cute! AND she wanted more! LOL I'm guessing either the towel was there incase she got sick or bc the spinner was hot? lol

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So cute! Sick! More! I've never seen one of those either! Was it at a local park???

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That is so funny and cute!! Liese would be right there with Lexi.. "more". She already loves thrilling stuff like spinning rides, etc. Smile

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Yep-- the towel was bc the seat was hot from the sun (and Lexi was wet bc it was a spray park....)

And yes, a local park. We have quite a few of those spinners around town. Miles won't get in one anymore bc they are so hard to stop-- he spins himself sick. Silly kids!

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Could she be cuter?? I love the expression on her face when she says 'sick!'.... almost accusatory. Lol

I've never seen one of those either - I can't imagine how sick I would be if I was put in one! Smile

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LOL! This is what a I love to see! A beautiful toddler having fun! I have never seen one of those spinning things.

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That makes me queasy to watch - she is such a cute bebe!