Steppin' up our game

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Steppin' up our game

No Disney next year for us. We had 4 families going and we couldn't coordinate it at the right time. Too many things up in the air for the other families. Sooo, we are going to wait like 3 years. That way all the kids will remember it. That means we can step up our game in the TTC arena! I'll be calling my doc next week to get my period started and take the magic Femara pills. Woo hoo!

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Yay! Hoping it does good things quickly!

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good luck!!!!!!

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Now comes the fun part! Wink GL!

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Yahoo! Wishing you tons of success and a quick BFP!

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Fingers crossed for you!!!

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Yay!!! Good luck lady!

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:goodluck: KUP on your appt next week!