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Do you have power? Food? A generator?
Tell us how you are doing when you can!

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You are so sweet for thinking of me!

We are fine here. Luckiy the storm never got bad where I live (about 2 - 3 hours north of the city). All schools were closed but only a few people lost power (around 1000). We never lost power, no trees fell down, it was nice and quiet! Luckily we were as prepared as we could be. We do need to get a generator though. We filled up buckets with water, tubs with water (well, so no power = no water), had extra food, batteries, etc...

Thanks again for thinking of me! You're so sweet! It is a shame to see the pictures of all of the damage that happened. Having just had a major flood a year ago, it's all fresh in my mind how much work they have ahead.