Texas Mamas.......

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Texas Mamas.......

Is everyone safe???.. Sitting here watching the news & saw you guys got some nasty storms and tornados today.. Check in when you can girls!!!

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I am about 6 hours away from the DFW area....so we are safe here.

Hope all those in the DFW area are safe!

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I'm north of Austin and we are starting to get some rain now. Last I heard there were 23 tornados that had touched down in the DFW area. I know Kelly (Colesmom) is in that area, I hope everyone stays safe!!

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So scary. I hope you are stay safe. Kelly did post on FB that she was home with the boys. I hope they are all safe too.

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That was crazy stuff! I saw on the news the twister with trailers flying around in it... SO scary!! I hope I never have to live through one of those...

Glad to hear everyone is safe and sound!