TGIF Ladies!

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TGIF Ladies!

Happy Friday to all my May Mama's!!

Does anyone have any exciting plans for this weekend?

We have my company picnic tomorrow afternoon, the DH and I will be going to an adult swim bday party tomorrow night. Sunday is church and then another bday party for Andrew's little buddy. I'm going to be all partied out! LOL

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Happy Friday - Sounds like you have a fun weekend plans, Rach! Enjoy it Smile

I leave for Vegas next Thursday, so I need to get a couple new swimsuits and fancy dresses for dinners. It's been forever since I've worn a dress, should be interesting shopping tomorrow. Sunday we have a late Mother's Day Dinner for my MIL and then we're getting Kay's new swing set. Can't wait!

Pretty sure I have a sinus infection, I can't breathe, my face/nose hurts, hurts to even blow my nose. Ugh!

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DH returns from Uruguay tomorrow in the early morning, company arrives for the day at 11am and then we go to a nearby tourist town. I make dinner for everybody in the evening.

I'd like to do more gardening on Sunday, but we expect thunderstorms for a few days... So I guess I get to do DH's laundry instead. Wink

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Sounds like a busy and fun weekend, Rachel!

Rebecca - I hope you feel better. Which swingset did you get? Where did you guys decide to stay in Vegas?

Marie - Sounds like a nice day today and I hope those thunderstorms disappear tmrw so you can go outside and ignore dh's laundry. Wink

Looks like rain is going to cancel some plans we had for today so I'm not quite sure what we'll do. I have many things I should be doing. Time will tell.

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Sounds like everyone has some great plans this weekend!

Saturday we have a playdate at our house, and Mimi is in an all day cheerleading camp. No night plans except maybe getting into a nice bottle of wine with DH and a great movie. Wink I'm still nursing my pinkeye (yup, I got it too, it's going around - even in S america!) so that sounds great to me.

Sunday is Grady's birthday, so we're spending the day at the zoo! He's going to be so thrilled with the petting zoo!!! Then we'll come home for cake and prezzies, then we're invited to a pizza night at a friends' house nearby.