They FINALLY called!!!

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They FINALLY called!!!

DH's parent's FINALLY called him last night. This is the first time they called in over a week since his BFF since grade school passed away. And they only called because he didn't called them on Sunday. It litterly took his mother almost 5 minutes of talking before she even brought it up. When DH told her that he was upset that his sister e-mailed him and that they never called, her response was "Sorry" with an attitude. Then she said "You could have called us if you wanted to talk" He said "Well, luckly JJ has been calling me to keep me informed and Tara's family has been calling to see how I was doing. At least some of my family has been thinking of me." Yeah, that didn't make her too happy! The services are Satuday and we already have my mother lined up to come to visit to watch the girls so we can make the day trip. It's 4.5 - 5 hours ONE WAY! When she said we could stay there and DH told her that "Tara's mother is coming. Her family has been very supportive thru this" I think that really got to her! DH's father did give a sincear appology. He said that he was sorry and that he has no excuse for not calling and that he was very unthoughtful. So at least one of his parent's knows they hurt DH.

So anyway, we are headed to the services on Saturday, which will be a LONG day. I don't even know if we will stop at his parent's house or see them. I am hoping we don't, but I'm leaving it up to DH.

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Wow, what a stink his mom is acting like! I'm glad that his dad seemed to understand their shortcomings in handling this, but GOSH his mother!! Thank goodness you and your family have been there for him. Hopefully this situation and maybe ignoring them on Saturday will help them make a better choice next time.

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Oh honey big hugs. I hope Dh's mother gets the message and Im glad his dad apologized. I am so sorry you and him are going through this..

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Wow she's really a B huh?? That is so rude, I can't believe she's being like that to her own son. I'm sorry girl, I feel so bad for your DH Sad

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I agree - MIL is a serious case!! But you know what I love? That DH is so honest and willing to get into it with her - that he tells her straight up that your family have been supportive etc so she knows how she should be next time...

GL at the service on saturday (glad they've finally decided to have one!) and hope DH decides to blow by MIL & FIL's place! :angry2:

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I'm sorry about your inlaws. Grr. Curious to hear if you stopped there.

More importantly thinking of you two knowing you just had to say goodbye to a dear friend. :bluesad:

T&P's. :bighug:

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I don't know what to say about DH's parents. It's obvious that MIL is defensive because she knows what she did is RUDE! I am glad that your FIL apologized. It takes a big person to admit he is wrong and ask for forgiveness.

My Ts and Ps are with you and Dh this weekend. I know the memorial service could not have been easy. Again, I am sorry for your loss.

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FINALLY! Glad that FIL recognized and apologized for his behavior. No words for MIL.