Thought I'd share some baby pics on here.

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Thought I'd share some baby pics on here.

I've already posted these on Facebook but I thought I'd post here too. Babies are doing great and growing so much!!! I am pretty sleep deprived but it's my last time to wake to tiny babies so I'm just trying to be thankful for the opportunity. Anyway they will be a month old on Thursday! I cannot believe it!

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Thanks for sharing! They are so beautiful! Enjoy!! How are Luke and Lily adjusting?

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Thank you! They are adjusting great! They are best friends so they entertain each other all day long. Luke is at school from 9-12 right now, but the time passes quickly and then they have the rest of the day together. They both love the babies (a little too much at times!). I do feel bad because the babies require so much attention with feeding time, but like I said, they run off and play together so I'm not sure they notice it much.

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I LOL at the necktie! Evie's wink in the first photo is adorable too. They seem so big to me...
I hope you get a bit more sleep over time.

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Love the pictures!! They are darling!!!

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Oh my goodness, I love them!!! They are just precious, please share some more when you catch a free moment!!

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What beautiful pictures! And I love that tie! Completely adorable! So glad I got to see them!

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They are PRECIOUS!!!! Glad to hear that all of you are doing well. Even if you are a little sleep deprived. You have a great attitude towards it!

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They are precious and look so much like Luke and Lily! I have been tracking your pregnancy and am so glad you are doing so well!

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Jessi is right! They resemble Luke and Lily so much!! They are both adorable, and the pictures are so sweet. What a blessing.