Three Things

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Three Things

List 3 things your two year olds enjoys the most...and a photo!

Ivy loves physical activities: swimming, climbing, balance beam, trampoline etc
She loves drawing and coloring.
FOOD! (fruit is a favorite)

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#1. ANIMALS, ANIMALS, ANIMALS! Need I say more? Wink

#2. Water. In all its forms. This guy takes 3 showers or baths a day literally, as he insists on getting in with every single person in the family who is bathing. I haven't enjoyed a shower alone in months. :rolleyes:

#3. His big sis and bro. Anything they are doing is cool by him.

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I have no photos now since I am at work!

- Animals, especially dogs and cats! Chases out dog around, and if she sees one, she will be obsessed with it. We were at a berry fest this weekend and all she wanted to do was chase the dog around!
- Food! LOL
- Balls, or really anything that she can throw!

- Babies! And yes, she MUST have two of them. One will NOT do. But I guess to them babies come in twos!
- Cooking. She LOVES the play kitchen and the real one too.
- Cleaning. Ok, she sounds so dometic and motherly right now! But she has to have a wet cloth all of the time and likes to clean the end tables and baseboard. Hey, I won't stop her if that is what she likes to do!

Both of them: EACHOTHER!!!! They fight like cats and dogs ALL OF THE TIME, but if you seperate them so they get some one-on-one time with either DH or I, they are asking for the other one withint 5 minutes. It's really cute, but I just wish they wouldn't them fight as soon as they see eachother!

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Oh my goodness, Brooke and Addison sound so cute! I love that they are so different in their likes and dislikes.. and I LOVE that the babies have to come in two's. Lol

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Kaitlyn -

1. Singing. She love to sing. She sings all the way to and from the sitter's house and she sings herself to sleep at night. She loves to dance too! So, I guess you could say that she loves music.
2. She loves to color.
3. She loves her big sister, Cami, who she calls Mimi. If Mimi is not around, she will ask "Mimi out??" every 5 minutes!

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Lexi adores:

1. Swimming. Or really anything related to water (baths, sprinklers, rain puddles, washing dishes, etc.) She lives in her many swim suits. When we tell her we are going to the "big pool" (our health club's outdoor pool) she screams "Yay!" and runs for the door. She wears a foam floatie and can get herself all over the pool by herself. Goofball.

2. Babies. She sleeps with her baby. And feeds her baby. And carries at least one baby nearly everywhere we go. She dresses them, pats their back and nurses them.

3. Her siblings. She is a copycat. We have a t-shirt for her that says "Monkey see. Monkey do. Monkey get in trouble, too." and it describes her perfectly. She is desperate to keep up with her big sisters and brother.

And a lovely picture of my sweets. This is how crazy her hair is in the

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And Trey caught this video of Lexi "taking her baby potty"-- this is actually one of Callie's babies that talks and pees and poops. Oy! Silly kid.

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Emilys 3 things would be...

1. babies! This girl is in love with babies!!!! She will do everything for that baby!!

2. She loves to put on her swimming suit and play in the water!! She has DS2 to follow around because he loves the water too!!!

3. She loves to ride her bike! she will sit on that thing for hours on end and ride!! I just wish the weather wouldn't be so hot!! but like with the swimming she follows her brothers and the nieighbor kids and does what they do!!

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Evan's loves:

1. His mom's touch. I call him my "skin to skin lifer.". From minute 1 of his life he just loves touching, I love when we are reading or just hanging out and he will put his foot out to touch me.

2. Outdoors...helping dad in the yard, going to the park, collecting sticks with his buddy Zachary.

3. Walmart. In Ev's world every store is Walmart, including Target, safeway, Kmart, and Costco. Our safeway shares a parking lot with walmart so a grocery trip always involves a walmart visit too and if we don't go right to the toy section, everyone knows about it!

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My Ems top favorite things are...

1 - Music... The girl loves to dance and sing..

2 - Water... She loves her baths and swimming like no other and recently discovered the splash pad play park...hehe

3 - Animals... She loves her puppies and any doggy she sees out and about. She even loves the chickens even though they have pecked her a couple

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M loves

1) His baby brother - tons and tons and tons. So cute!

2) Running around outside, playing ball, using his little pool!

3) Cars and trains. And more cars and trains! Wink

Great pictures, everyone! Time to watch Audra's video!