Thumb Sucking

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Thumb Sucking

Is any other LO still sucking on their thumb?

The Pedi recommended us to go to the dentist last week because Kaylin's teeth are starting to curve. So I took her in and sure enough, they said that the roof of her mouth is curving making her teeth curve. They told me that she needs to stop by the time she is 3 so there isn't any damage to her adult teeth.

Anyone have any experiences they are willing to share? She only sucks her thumb when she's sleepy, and I've tried taking it out or telling her that only babies do that (probably not a good tactic). The dental office has a finger nail polish that is non-toxic and guranteed to work in 2 weeks...might try that?

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No idea Rebecca - wish I knew!

Mimi bites her fingernails and cuticles so much that sometimes they bleed. Otherwise she seems to be a confident healthy and happy little girl. No amount of cajoling, reminding, even snapping and threatening (no more nail polish for a YEAR!) works. She also knows now that the bad-tasting nail polish we put on sometimes is water soluble, so she just goes and washes it off so she can chew at her leisure.

Not exactly the same problem, but I'll watch the thread to see if any other bright ideas might be applicable to me too! Wink


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Perhaps wearing gloves or mittens while watching TV and movies would help? Otherwise, keep those fingers busy mixing brownie batter, using playdough, painting, drawing with markers, making mud pies, etc. When sleepy, take a bath and blow bubbles instead of chomping on the nails.

They say in fact that pointing out people with lovely nails and giving little ones manicures is a great help toward desiring to stop the habit. Finding something to replace the habit is sometimes possible. (tapping your toes, singing a song, playing an instrument, rubbing a smooth stone, working with beads to make jewelry, reciting a poem, washing the dishes....)

Good luck! I was about 7-8 when I stopped biting my nails.

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I have the same problem with Kaitlyn! She LOVES to suck her thumb. She is my only child who developed that habit. So, I have no advice for you. But, I am anxious to see the other responses. I want to get Kaitlyn to quit before age 3 too!

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The last two days, she has started sucking on her shirt or a blanket. ARGH!

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Honestly you can't break her, but thats just I have a thumb sucks (DS2) and till the day at age 7 he sucks his thumb at night.. I tried everything from nail polishes to gloves to sticker charts and nothing works.. Around age 4 he started only sucking it at night. And to this day when I go in to check on him and if he isn't in his deep sleep he still has that thumb in his mouth and blanket smooshed right up to his face..

After years of trying to "break" him DH and I realized we would be better off saving for braces :/.. Sucks!

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