Time change.....SUCKS!!!!!

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Time change.....SUCKS!!!!!

Ok ladies, I'm at my wits end. Jake's always been an early riser, up by 6am during the week and goes down at 7:30pm. On the weekends we let him stay up a little later and I'm lucky if he sleeps til 6:30-7am. With this last time change, I'm going to go NUTS!!!!!!!! The kid was up at 4:30am this morning. And first thing he says is "Mom, I want Dora". I try making him go back to bed and it never works. I know it's only been a few days since the time change, but I'm already thinking of this weekend, when I get to sleep in maybe one day a week and I can forsee him up at 4:30am. I can't do it, I need one day to get some rest, I mean sleeping til 7 I could do! LOL IDK what's up with his clock, cause a few months ago everyweekend he was sleeping in til 9-10am (it only lasted 2 months). But it was nice to get up at 7am, get the house cleaned while he was sleeping. I know, I know I'm complaining......I'm just a tired overworked Mama though Sad

Anyone else's LO's having trouble adjusting to the time change?

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HUGS Mama! I am so sorry that Jake is getting up so early with this time change. Is he going to bed early, or at his noraml time (after adjusted for the change)? We have been very lucky so far in that the girls don't even seem to notice. Heck, they never even noticed when we went to CA and back again.

Keeping my fingers crossed he sleeps in for you this weekend.

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He's going to bed at his normal time, 7:30 (so really it's 8:30pm). This kid needs to give me a break, I'm going on 10 yrs of no sleep! LOL

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I'm with you. Time changes SUCK. I hate them.

We use the "Good nite lite"-- which basically is a night light that turns into a moon when you should be sleeping and then a sun when you can get up. Our rule is that you have to play quietly in your bed or room until the sun is on (this is for Miles and Lexi....Taya and Callie just know that they can't emerge from their room until 645a.)


My problem right now is that Lexi has given up her diaper at bedtime-- which is awesome. Except that she wakes early and has to pee.....and needs help out of her crib to go-- so she yells "Pee, mama! Pee, mama!" And then I have trouble getting her back to sleep.

My kids are cranky tired at night and still get up too early w this stupid time change. And I have to drive home in the dark from work-- hate! Hopefully, they all adjust soon.....

Good luck!

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I have given up on looking forward to an extra hour of sleep! Yesterday Ev was up at 5:30 to "play trucks". We kept him until 9 last night and he slept until 6:30 today. Hoping to be able to get back to him waking up between 7 and 7:30!

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We just had the luxury of the opposite - the spring forward. The fall back always sucks - those 5am mornings will get you down in short order! Wink

Hope all the ducklings get their schedules ironed out soon! ((hugs))

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I'm in the same boat as you! Plus, Lily is sick with croup. yay.

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Time change does suck. It's screwing with Kaylin, she's getting up way early!

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Its messing us up here too. Both girls are getting up an hr earlier, but thankfully Em slept great last night and didn't wake til 615!

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Has he adjusted as the week has gone on?