Tot school/Preschool

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Tot school/Preschool

Thought I would share my new blog. I am going to start doing a tot school with Mason and Preschool with my nephew. I am trying to keep this blog as a record of what we are doing. We are going to do a letter of the week, and I am going to do a theme each month and make sensory bins and crafts for each theme. Our starting theme is going to be a pond theme.

Here is my blog:

Most of my ideas/curriculum is coming from and

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I love it! And M is so big!!

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So cool! You are so organized-- wow. What cuties you get to spend the day with....

Looks like they are having fun, too.

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What a great idea!!! I may have to start doing some of this stuff with the girls on Fridays and the weekends, or just after school. They just moved to the 2 yo room where they do more things like this then they did in the 1 yo room. maybe I can make it match up with what they are doing at school.

M is ADORABLE!!! Love the blond hair!

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Love it, Kalee. Great ideas/work and very organized. I'm going to have to bookmark your blog so I can follow along.