TTC #2 harder than i thought

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TTC #2 harder than i thought

TTC #1 is so easy, you can BD whenever. But with a 2 year's like "Come on honey, now or never" Wink
I put my LO down for a nap which she was refusing and crying and such, but she knows she has to stay in bed. DH and I thought we'd use the we know:lovebed:...and right in the middle we hear "ooohhh poopy! Mommy poopy!"
Yes, poopy....EVERYWHERE! Out of the side of the diaper on the bed, on her pillow, on her chair, even footprints on the carpet. Yuck!:puke2: (Sorry TMI, but it was bad!)
Let's just say a half an hour of running our carpet/spot cleaner :vacuum: and bathing the child effectively killed the mood. It'll be a miracle if we get a chance TTC #2.
Can anyone relate?

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I so remember trying to conceive #2! We were living in a 1 bedroom condo at the time, and our first baby Kieren was 8 months old when we decided to TTC. He was a TERRIBLE sleeper, crying screaming and fits every time we put him in bed for an hour every night and naptime. So we resorted to giving up the bedroom and sleeping in the dining room, if you can believe it. Every night we'd shake our heads and say 'what are we DOING'??? :rolleyes: (But we knew we were moving soon and would be buying a house in our new city, so we put up with it).

So imagine TTC in those circumstances... on an inflatable camping mattress, half under the table in the dining room, which, by the way, was 3 complete walls of glass in a high rise condo tower, with a building facing us. There were vertical blinds, but they weren't perfectly closed ever... well.. all I can say was that the TTC was more of a 'todo' than a romantic episode. Lol

Luckily for us, we got pregnant the first month we tried!

GOOD LUCK and try to squeeze something in there, even in a short amount of time. It doesn't have to be 'perfect' to work! Wink

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LOL! That is funny....

Is night time out? We always put our kids to bed early...and it seems we have *too* much time to dtd--lol. This last one we were goodness.

Good luck! I hope you catch your eggy soon!

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:biglaugh: Oh my!

I hope you can catch that egg soon! I was going to ask what Audra did - is night time out?