U/S today! It's a...XP

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U/S today! It's a...XP

Baby A- still unsure. I think boy though. It was really swollen down there so it was hard to tell if it was boy junk or swollen labia?


Baby B- def a boy!!

Here are his goods...sorry about the glare.

Everything looked good. Their HB's were 168 and 165. My left ovary is still very swollen. She didn't give much detail because she is not allowed but it was still fun to watch then for 45 min. I think my DH really connected to them today. Sometimes it's hard for a man to really grasp that there are humans in there! He left the appt smiling so big!

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Aww.. that is just amazing!!! Congratulations again!!! And is it bad that I find it kinda fun that baby a keeps you guessing??!!! Smile :) Smile I'm thinking baby A is a GIRL!!

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I LOVE these pics!!! I think baby A is a girl too, I'm thinking one of each Smile

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Going to say girl, too! So exciting! Congrats on your boy and your secret baby! Wink Have any names in mind?

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Thank everyone! Now that I think about it. Maybe it is a girl. They are infamous for being uncooperative on ultrasounds. hmmmm? Guess we shall see April 2nd!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Glad at least one cooroppered for you. Can't wait to see more pics of those cuties!

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Congrats on baby boy!!! Hope Baby A shows you the goods next u/s!

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Sooooo sweet!! I agree, I think baby A is a girl too!

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So awesome! I'm so glad they are both doing well-- amazing!!!

I'm still so excited for you!

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So amazing! I am thrilled for you!!!!! Wow, two babies! My sisters are twins so if you need to have my mom call u, she will Smile I was a HANDFUL and she was mother of the year--breastfed them BOTH w/o bottles. Any pointers or advice, she's got it Smile Keep posting pics! I love them!

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OMGoodness - congrats sweetie.. Oh how exciting.. So happy for you babe!