Update on appt

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Update on appt

Went really well!! She tested me just in case and of course it was negative. I'm on 5 days progesterone. My period should start in 5-15 days. Then days 5-9 take double dose of femara. CD12 I go get an ultrasound to see if I'm growing any eggs. Then I do the deed! Same as when I tried for my first baby. It was weird being back there but so much less emotional than the first time. My husband and my OB get along really well so they chatted the whole time which made me less nervous. So that's my update! Thanks for checking on me! U guys are so sweet!

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Sounds promising! Crossing my fingers and praying for you this month. Keep us posted as you learn more.

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Well it worked pretty well the first time, so this time'll be the same!! Can't wait for that BFP, and isn't it amazing when you love your doctor?? Smile

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Sounds like a great appt. Keep us posted along the way. Can't wait for you to get that bfp!!! SOON! :goodluck:

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Glad it was a good appointment! I am happy that you were more relaxed this time, but sorry that you have to go thru this again. I cant' wait to stalk you for 9 months!!!!

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I'm glad you had a good appt and that you have a plan! I'm thinking lots of positive thoughts!!!

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whoo hooo!! your doc sounds awesome!! Can't wait to see your BFP!!

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Yay!! Good luck mama! Cant wait to see some more bfps on this board so I cant live through you all Smile

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Yay for a great appt! Hope good things happen real soon!