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well the sickness that invaded our house for 2 months seems to have hopefully calmed itself for a few days (preferably longer!) thank goodness! G and I went to bfast w Santa this morning with my stepmom at a really nice restaurant so here are some pics, then one of Em Smile

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ack! they are HUGE! Sorry!!

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I prefer them big, personally, cuz you can really see the faces well!

BEAUTIFUL pics - you look amazing woman! How the heck is that possible so soon after having a baby??!!

And I can't believe how much Gracie looks like you now - like a tiny twin! Smile

TFS - beautiful pics!

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Wow! She IS your twinkie all the way!! Great pics!!!

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You look great-- and I'm glad you are finally on the mend. Poor thing- that is a LONG time to be sick.....

Both girls are adorable!

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Oh she is too stinkin cute! They both are! It looks like she had a great time.

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Are you sure she is your child? :bigwink: So adorable! She looks so much like you! And Em is just precious. How close does she resemble G from the same age pictures? Glad you are feeling better!

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Love the pics!! Both girls area getting so big!!!