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update...still here

Just copying and pasting from my Aug BB...

Hi girls....we are still here. Were admitted Friday because our pedi felt like it was past their knowledge and skill base and really needed to be treated inpatient. She sent us to the children's hospital almost 2 hours away. Our 2 year old has been with my parent two nights then DH went home last night to be with her for the night. We got news this morning that her test yesterday showed significant constant reflux that wasn't clearing from her esophogus as well as prolonged emptying of her stomach into the bowel. She has been having times of choking and stopped breathing, as well as turning blue. She also is on an eating strike so she was quite dehydrated when we were admitted. They cathed her and she was completely dry. She also has had diarhea for more then a month now (I didn't even realize Sad ) as well as congestion from the milk and acid coming up into her respitory tract. So far the new plan is to have a gastric emptying scan tomorrow morning to see how slowly her belly is emptying and if it can be fixed with yet another medicine (shes already on three) or if surgery would be necessary. Apparently there is an issue in infants that peaks at this time that requires GI surgery and it is a concern for her. The earliest we are looking to leave is Wed/Thursday but unfortunately it's wishful thinking likely. THey also have me on a dairy free diet thinking she may also have a milk protein allergy.

Needless to say things are rough. My DH is bringing DD1 up today for me to see her for a little bit then my sister who lives 30 min away is keeping her overnight and my mom is picking her up to take her back home with her for the week. I'm not getting much sleep with all the nurses and doctors constantly coming in. Plus, we are sharing a room with a little crack baby with no family so basically I feel like I have twins Sad He is super irritable and cries a lot. Im always going out to get the nurse for him which is hard since Em is less then happy. THey are at full capacity or I would ask for one of us to be moved.

Ill keep you all posted when we hear the results for tomorrow's tests. THanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

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ugh I just realized I really didnt say anything new from my other post. SIGH, this is so frustrating to not see improvement after 4 days here.

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Oh Anne! I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this with little Em! I continue to pray for a quick recovery and that the doctors can figure out what is going on and fix it!

On the other little baby...my aunt adopted a meth baby and she went thru the same withdrawls. It was just awful and heart wrenching to have to hear/see. Hopefully he calms down soon.

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:bighug: I can't imagine all you are going through. Poor little babe. And Mom. And dh/big sis. Keeping you all in my t&p's.

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Anne I am so sorry you are going through this, and sweet Emily I hope she gets answers soon. What are the odds she'll have to have surgery? I feel so bad for that baby in the room with u, I hope he gets a home very soon!! How horrible. Please keep posting on fb and on here. I know I don't post much, but your in my t's and p's!!!

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Me too Anne.. you and Emily are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. I hope they figure it out really soon so you guys can all go home together. Sad