Update: Testing testing 1 2 3

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Update: Testing testing 1 2 3

I tested this afternoon. BFN. The control line was even light! Lol it was taunting me!!!
Who votes that I test this week? CD 27 today. I have absolutely no clue if I O'ed this month. But I sure like to pee on things. If I have a cycle I usually O late so it may be too early. Only symptom I have is extreme fatigue!!!!! But can you even have symptoms this early? I figured symptoms don't usually start right away, more around 6ish weeks.

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I say it's never too early to try! Wink Just for fun! Wink Since you can buy pretty decent tests at the dollar store, you're not out much to try often anyway...

I never had symptoms to speak of anyway, throughout the entire pregnancy pretty much, so I'm not one to comment on early symptoms.

But I hope so!! fingers crossed...

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I think you should pee on any stick possible...I mean, that's the fun part...peeing and waiting! Pee now!

(PS: ovulation tests work for good pee strips too!)

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Yep! I agree....POAS! I hope you get your BFP!

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Go for it!

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PEE PEE PEE!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

I got a BFP with Jake at 9dpo, even a light one at 8dpo and the only symptom I had was hunger. So I totally think you can have early symptoms!

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I so hope you get a bfp...

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Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it.....did u do it yet???? Smile

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Did you do it yet?!?!?!?!

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Oh I agree - GO PEEEEE

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Boo!! It's still early right??? Hope you get that BFP!!

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You can have early symptoms - I knew I was pregnant this time around b/c of the waves of gagging and sore boobies. You could still be early, keep testing!! How many DPO are you?

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Maybe it's just too early - wait and see a few days yet! Smile Fingers crossed!!

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Still hoping for you!