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Update on us!!

Wow...........I am amazed at how little time I have to do anything!!!I have been trying to type this for 20 mins and still can't (and Sam is asleep!) We are six weeks old tomorrow and oh.my.God.............I have never had such little sleep in my life. He is a total different baby than he was 3 weeks ago. It started w/ the pulling off the bottle, and screaming when I laid him down. Tried Zantac for a week--seemed to make it worse. After a week, put him on Nutramigen--we are going broke now ;), which Sam had to be on. I quit nursing after 4 weeks bc I was getting NOTHING and he wouldn't latch, and I thought I'll either loose my mind or quit nursing, so obvious choice. So here we are after a week of both Nutramigen and Zantac and we are still up all night screaming. Last ditch effort is we started Prevacid today!!! I am praying to God above that the $149 we just spent on that month prescription will WORK! I would pay any amount of money. Last night he cried off/on from 10 pm to 330 am, the night before it was until 5 am! I cannot put him down while awake, so I truly have my hands full. Sam is being a perfect perfect perfect angel. I could not complain about him AT ALL, so I do have a TON to be thankful for, I'm just a little stressed. I'm also in a statistics class that is blowing my mind right now (once a week, 1 mile from my house, so it's do-able).

I'll try to keep an update on the prevacid. My pedi said that if this didn't work, then pretty much nothing will, except time. Hope you all are great! I read every day on my phone, I just never have time to get on my laptop. I'm not going back to work until we get this figured out! I do still have tons of help, my mom comes every day for about 2 hours and she also comes and stays 2 days a week, the whole day. I just try to catch up on sleep and school work or just spend time w/ Sam.

I will get through this, right? I need somebody to remind me of there horror stories, to make mine not seem as bad. Is that horrible? I sometimes feel so alone, like I'm the only person every to have a baby like this, narcissistic:p huh????? lol I might post some pics soon if I can! I miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry to hear that you guys are having tummy issues Sad That's great that your mom is helping you out so much though!

I'm glad Sam seems to be understanding and not too, ummmm, 2? Lol. I just cannot imagine Cooper the way he is and a newborn needing me as well haha. No, I really love him.

Hopefully the Prevacid will work out for you and you can get some relief, both of you!

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You poor thing....and poor Judd. I hope you find some relief. Have you tried a chiro for him?

I hope the new meds work? Im sure you are keeping him upright? Like in a swing or something?

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Have you tried a chiro for him?

ditto. This was a help for Leo as an infant!

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Aw I'm so sorry you and Judd are having a rough time Sad Jake started showing signs of reflux very early too. Finally at 8wks his pedi ordered a upper GI and it showed that he had horrible silent reflux (just what I told her he had had). We started the prevacid at 8wks and it worked wonders. We were also on the reflux formula, I made sure he stayed upright for 30 mins after meals and if you can take a pillow or phone book prop it up under his mattress and that helps as well. You are so lucky to have your Mom help so much, mind sharing her with me?!! LOL I hope the meds help little Mr.!!

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Before I forget to mention it I love your new siggy pic, Jessi! Just beautiful. Sorry Judd is having so much trouble. I hope this prevacid helps. Update us when you can.

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Yes, I do keep him upright most of the day. I am actually co-sleeping bc I have no choice. I really think the prevacid will work, otherwise he has colic. I know when I was pregnant the reflux was so much worse at night, so makes sense. We pre-make every bottle and use the dr. browns. I'll let you guys know how tonight goes. Thanks for the helpful words, it really helps. I feel like I'm dragging or drowning sometimes!

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I. Am. There. Holy crap.

Finally we are starting to reep the benefits from my dairy free diet but I'm still pumping for the day then nursing at night, evenings and wknds. Today was my first day back to work and it was a COMPLETE BLURR. Its not even 830 and I'm going to bed. Lol!

Ur not alone. I'm in hell w u.

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i should *** she is also on prevacid twice a day, zantac once a.day and prescription thickened bm feeds.

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I''m so sorry things are tough right now Jessi (and Anne!). I know it's so hard when you get sleep deprivation mixed in there... but this too shall pass. It always does.. you just have to stick it out a little longer and you should start seeing improvements in the weeks ahead.

:bighug: mamas... thinking of you guys!

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HUGE honey! I hope that the new meds help. How great that you have your mother to come and give you a hand. And Sam sounds to be adjusting wonderfully! I hope that Judd starts to feel better and that you can get some sleep. HUGS again!

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Hugs hugs hugs!!!! Hopefully the Prevacid will work!! Sorry you are having issues!

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So sorry you guys are going through this!! :bighug: Anneliese was a miserable baby and the zantac did NOTHING for her. We also went on to Prevacid and that seemed to help so I'm hoping, hoping, HOPING for you guys that this does the trick! We also put her to bed at night in her carseat (yes, I know they recommend against this), but frankly, she slept much better in it. She'd never sleep restfully lying down until she was close to 6 mos old.

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I can't imagine how stressful it is for you, Jessi. Praying that the new medicine works for Judd and gives everyone a peaceful relief. Hugs friend!

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Poor guy, I hate reflux/tummy issues.. Big hugs momma and I hope you get some sleep soon!!