Video of Mason

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Video of Mason

My husband put this together, some clips I took last night of Mason after we found a big spider.

I probably won't leave the link up but for a day or 2, but I thought yall might like to see.

Mason and the Great Big Spider

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Great video! TFS! Have to love boys and theirinterest in all things yucky!

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He's so cute! I love that voice! The girls would have been SCREAMING and CRYING hysterically. All three of us, not just Addison and Brooke. But I would have liked to see it being fed a moth. I'm sick like that!

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He is so so cute! I love it.....

I don't like spiders. I fake it in front of the kids, but I really hate them. Ick!

Mason is adorable. How fun that you captured his reaction to the big spider.

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I love his silky blond hair - such a cute little fellow! Smile (And smart... he wasn't having any of dad's suggestion to touch that thing!) lol

And I love how your dog just lays there the whole video showing her tummy, patiently waiting for a rub.. and wagging her tail if anyone so much as looks at her... Smile

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Aw he's too cute! It's going to "tickle him he said" LOL