Vitamin D deficiency (OT)

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Vitamin D deficiency (OT)

I was at the doc recently for some routine bloodwork, etc and told her I'd been feeling so tired and crazy lately (horrible mood swings, bouts of rage, etc) and maybe even a bit depressed. After asking me about what's all going on in my life, she attributed a lot of it to stress and situational depression. However, when my blood levels came back I had a significant Vitamin D deficiency. Several references say that for optimum health, levels should be around 50-80 ng/mL. I was at 18.

I was shocked to learn that my doctor among others has started testing for this regularly and finding quite a few folks who have low levels. Who knew?!!

Apparently Vitamin D deficiency can cause all sorts of issues such as severe mood swings, depression, aches and pains, extreme fatigue, etc. I wonder how many cases of CFS or fibromyalgia can be attributed to vitamin deficiency at least in part? If you have any issues with these types of symptoms, I'd suggest having your levels checked as well. It's a simple blood test!

Research has also shown that low D levels can cause increased risk of heart disease, breast cancer, etc.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins are reporting what is believed to be the most conclusive evidence to date that inadequate levels of vitamin D, obtained from milk, fortified cereals and exposure to sunlight, lead to substantially increased risk of death.

(end PSA) Smile

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Sarahsunshine has posted about this in the past. I think she posted a chart indication regions where the problem is worst because of the angle of the sun. Maybe she'll comment when she returns from camping.

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That's really interesting. I just had blood work done recently, but I don't think she tested for Vitamin D. I should call and ask. I am also goign to tell my mother to have hers checked. She has fibromyalgia and VERY low iron levels. So low she actually had to go for a while to get iron thru an IV. They were going to tried blood transfusions, but she was even too low for that to help. Maybe she just needs some vitamin D.

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There was lots of media interest in this issue in Canada a couple of years ago. We've been supplementing in the winter for years now, but in the past year they've upped the amount they recommend by quite a bit. Now DH and I take 1000 mg a day in winter, which I think is the new recommended amount. The kids take a multi every other day or so which contains 300 mg. I still give Grady DiViSol in the winter, which is the vit D drop that is recommended for breastfed infants in Canada.

I think it's a SUPER important vitamin - researchers are finding out more and more just how central it is to human health. Those of you in southern states don't have to worry too much, but those with snowy winters (or pacific northwest style incessant rain) probably do. My doctor always tests for it in my annual physical - but I'm happy to say that I've never been low, even when I was only taking 400mg a day in winter.