Wacky Wednesday!!!

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Wacky Wednesday!!!

What's going on today ladies?! Not much here.....working BLAH Sad Anyone have any plans for this weekend? We don't have any yet, thinking of maybe getting some friends together and going to the lake with the kiddos. I better dig out the life jacket for Jake......this man will be wild this summer! lol

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Hi girls! I have been so busy I haven't posted at all, but I do lurk Smile

We are excited for this weekend because we opened our pool this past weekend so it should be ready for use for the holiday! I'm hoping it warms up a lot so that it isn't too cold! We have never had it open and ready so early before (this is our 3rd year with it) but finally feel like we are 'mastering' being inground pool owners Smile When we opened it last weekend and have done a little work each night cleaning and and depositing chemicals, every time we go out G tries to get nakey and get in! It's hilarious Smile She keeps saying 'this mines? this mines big pool? I go simmin' now mommy? It's mines?' She is beside herself with excitement Smile

Other than swimming hopefully, we will probably have a bbq or go to one with friends/family...maybe do a beach day Smile Also, my dad finally tilled up the land for our shared garden, dropped off my new composter box he built and spread the manure. I am in charge of buying plants this weekend and getting them in Smile A little late, but I don't care, I'm excited!

Pregnancy wise I'm getting tired again and slowing way down. My bp went up and was put in the hospital for a few hours while it worked its way down. I left with instructions of no stress and resting whenever possible...ha! With a 2 year old and a month left of school before break with 8th graders, I doubt it! I also have done an interview for another teaching position (not going back to current situation next year) much closer to home (10 min v. 45 min.) and only 2 blocks from daycare Smile At this point I'm hopefull to find something, but secretly kinda hoping I don't so we can try SAHM, or at least pt evening work.

Looking forward to hearing about you ladies! I've missed you!

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I have been crazy busy packing for our vacation home!!!! I am so ready to pawn my kiddos off on family!! its been a long year with out hubby... I give my hats off to single parents! I am driving down to Austin to pick up my brother then we are driving back to wisconsin! So excited!! I know June will fly by! My month is packed full of people we have to see and different things to do!

A few more months and I will have hubby in my arms!!!!! Man I can't wait!! I just hope it goes by fast!!!

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Sooooo very tired over here. Revelling in our hockey win that sends my Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals!!

It was eerie- 17 years ago yesterday, we were playing game 5, and it ended in double OT with us scoring, sending us to the finals. Last night, game 5, double OT, we won. Super wierd.

So we were up late Smile

Last weekend was our long, so just baseball tournament going on this weekend, and Colin is racing on Saturday night, so we are looking forward to that.

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Good to see you around Anne. You know I luvs me some Annie!

We don't have any major plans for the weekend. And, I am LOVIN' that. Cammi's last ballet class (until next fall) is on Saturday morning. I want to buy some flowers for the yard and plant those. (We usually plant on mother's day, but we've had too much rain to plant anything!) I might also help my mom plant her garden. Our swim club opens and I want to take the kids swimming. DH & I will throw some meat on the grill too. Of course, a lot of these plans depend on the weather. We've had too much rain this spring. If it continues, it'll put the big cabash on my plans. BOOO!

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It's been a wacky week here! DH had to go to Wisconsin for training so Monday night was my first night alone with Ev. Around 10:30, he starts coughing and crying. Not fun, yesterday he woke up really congested and miserable. He was attached to me all day and night, slept off and on and was up at 4:30 today wanting to come downstairs and drink milk. I am hoping he is better so we can get out tomorrow! DH is supposed to be home late tomorrow night...lets hope there are no delays!

Nicole - I have thought about you a lot this week...kudos to you for taking care of 3 kiddos by yourself for so long! Enjoy your trip, safe travels!

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Just working today. Ick. Wish I were independently wealthy-- I much prefer vacations to work.

No big plans for the weekend. We desperately need to landscape our backyard (it is still dirt since we moved in October....and this spring has S.U.C.K.E.D. for yardwork-- cold and rainy every weekend...boo!) So I went and bought some big rocks to put in the backyard, Trey built us a planter box for a garden, and we have a load of river rock coming...so I see lots of rock shoveling in our future. Good times, right? I'd also like to plant a tree and then either put in artificial turf or plant native grass. It is so dry here that I refuse to put in the usual grass-- it costs an arm and leg to keep alive by watering.....

It is our 10 year anniversary tomorrow-- but no big plans....we'll see what Trey comes up with. Bangkok was kind of our big 10 year trip, I suppose.

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Audra do they have that artificial grass that looks and feels way more like real grass down there? We have that stuff here(not actually at my house), and it's pretty nice. Never need to cut, never need to water. And no weeds. Smile

This is a website for a place around here

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Happy Anniversary Audra!

It's a 4 day weekend for us since we work a 9/80 schedule and get every other Friday off (well, I get every Friday off but that's because I only work part time!) So tomorrow is just a family day, Saturday going to a friends for a get together, having one at our house on Sunday with some other friends, then Monday just a family day again! I think it's supposed to be HOT and NO RAIN on Monday! YEAH!!!! So we'll probably get our the new sprinkler hose thing we got for the girls for Easter and play with that (a lot like the one we got for Jake Rachel). Other then that, just stuff around the house and working on the garden more. I started most of it from seeds inside, but when I transplanted them last weekend some of them didn't make it. So I will just pull those out and put more seeds down. But I can't remember where I put everythign! I had it all planned out and then when I got down there I ended up having to change some of it. Oops!

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It's supposed to be nasty weather wise this afternoon here. We'll see.

Otherwise I'm just trying to square away some things for M's bday. We'll celebrate at home tomorrow and his party is on Sunday. M2 is growing strong/quick. He is BIG! Next week M has his 2yr and M2 has his 4mth appt at the same time.

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Anne - rest is tough right now. I hope somehow you can get a few minutes each day to unwind. At was put on rest for a few days at one point when pg w/M2. Yeah, right. And I hope you get to be a SAHM for a bit! KUP on that position! :goodluck:

Nicole - I can't imagine! When will dh be home? Aug?

Pam - you'll have to share a pic from Cammi's ballet!

Laurie - Hope Ev is all better today!

Audra - Happy Anniversary! :clink:

Tara - Hope you guys are okay today weather wise!

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Julie, you will have to post pics of those cuties! I hope M has a great birthday!

We had some LOUD storms last night, but so far so good. How about you?

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Tara - thanks! I will definitely share pics! So far so good today but it's supposed to be really bad a little later this afternoon. We'll see...