What are your children gonna be for Halloween?

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What are your children gonna be for Halloween?

:pumpkin: I love Halloween! I am getting so excited! We have a lot of parties to go to ~ at school, at cub scouts, at ballet, and, trick or treat night, of course!

What are your kids gonna be for trick or treat?

Jackson is gonna be Jimmie Johnson, the race car driver.

Cami is gonna be Cinderella.

& Kaitlyn is gonna be Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street.

One more question. Will you sign my pledge to post cute pictures of your children in their costumes?

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I love Halloween too! I can't wait to see pics of your kids, great costume ideas! Ev is going to be spiderman with muscles...the costume looks so cute on him!

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We love Halloween, too!!

I just ordered Kaylin's costume today, she's going to be Little Red Riding Hood Smile Can't wait to see all the little babes in their cute little costumes!!

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Jacob and Ethan are going to be army guys from call of Duty Black ops( they watch daddy play too much!)

Emily is going to be a pricess witch! He dress is so cute!!

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We got two new costumes this year for the older two, but usually we try to recycle things, to be honest. Wink Grady is the only one reusing a costume this year - but he's going to be a lion, and since he loves animals so much, it'll be a hit.

Mimi is going to be a mermaid (always a girlie-girl...)

Kieren is going to be Harry Potter (he's currently reading book 4 of the series, so he's absolutely thrilled!).

Let's definitely post pics! Smile

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I will sign that pledge to post pictures!

The girls are going to be Hobos. LOL They got a little park bench for their birthday and they liked to lay on it, and DH said one time "What are you a Hobo?" They thought it was pretty funny. Then a few months later we got a new washer and we left the box out for them to play in. We called it their "Hobo house". Yeah, we are so not a PC family! LOL! I am actually going shopping soon to try to find red bandanas for there stick to carry their belongings in.

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Mason is going to be a Lightning McQueen race car driver...that is what my nephew was last year, and we always use his hand-me-down costumes since Mason is young enough that he doesn't care.

Shaylynn is going to be a bumblebee...I made her a black & yellow tutu, she will wear it with a black onsie and black baby legs, and I am going to make some black and yellow hairbows.

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Tara - too funny that the girls are going to be hobo's.

Can't wait to see pics of all these costumes!

Michael is going to be a lion and Matthew is going to be a bear.

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Ivy will be a tiger...she's already using her costume and loves it! ROAR!!!!

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Sam is going to be a Fireman. He is so excited about his choice. I got Lily the "sweet pea" costume from PB. Can't wait to see it on her.

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We're not totally sure....I need to sort this out.

Lexi will be a recycled Care Bear-- it is cute and warm (it is typically COLD here at Halloween....)

Miles wants to be a baseball player.

Callie wants to be a vampire.

And Taya doesn't know. I'll have to talk her into something Wink

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Cooper is going to be Thomas the Train. Not sure about Sierra. I found a hilarious toilet costume, but she didn't think it was as funny as I did :rolleyes: she might be a zombie princess, I told her she can rip up her princess dress from last year.

I also told her that maybe after this year(possibly next just because of school stuff) that TOTing is probably done for her. I said if she just wants candy, then I'll go buy her some and save us making up a costume for her lol!