What are your feelings on melatonin supplements? (OT)

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What are your feelings on melatonin supplements? (OT)

My DS (4) has a terrible time getting to sleep at night, and consequently he's often underslept. He has all kinds of issues because of his lack of sleep- being overwired and behaving poorly mainly. I've heard several friends or acquaintances rave about using small amounts of melatonin both for themselves and/or their children, and I have others who are telling us "Stay Away!" Admittedly, I haven't gotten a ruling from his pediatrician, but some friends tell me their peds recommended it for their children.

Does anyone have any experience w/ using melatonin especially in children?

I think I've posted about our sleep issues some weeks ago and we've pretty much tried everything under the sun. I've at least gotten him to lay in his own bed by himself, but still have not figured out any way to get him actually asleep earlier.

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* Lurker * Let me preface this by saying that I have not done research on it, but my friend has (as recommended by her pediatrician) given her son, who is 5, very small doses of melatonin in an effort to get him to sleep. I would ask your ped and see what he/she would advise.

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I took melatonin on a nightly basis before I got pregnant and it always helped to keep me asleep at night. However, I would be leery of giving it to my toddler because I feel as if it is an adult sleeping aide. It sounds like you've tried many other methods though so I would talk it over with his Pedi and get his advice.

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My cousin has a friend who has had success with it, using it by pediatrician recommendation, mixing small amounts in applesauce.

My sister tried it with my nephew, but it didn't really make any difference with him. He is about to turn 4 and still gets up during the night several times a week.

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I've never heard of it, so I have no advice. But I wanted to wish you luck in whatever you decide to do and I hope that the sleep issues get better. Let us know what your ped says and what you decide to so and how it works. HUGS

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I don't have any advice either. I hope something works soon for your little guy though. If you decide to talk to your ped about this option let us know what they say!

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Melatonian is a natural hormone ur body makes to help u sleep at night so its not just for adults. My nephew takes it bc he has adhd and his meds make it hard for his mind to turn off. I would ask ur pedi on dosage amounts, but I would think it would be fine short term until u can figure out something different. I know its not habit forming, but I'm sure at some point u would want his body to get in a good sleep pattern. I feel u on the getting to sleep part. Out of nowhere G is screaming everynight wanting us to sit w her until she falls asleep. Hope u get some relief soon!

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Hi, friend. I don't know anything about melatonin.

However, we determined that our second DD's sleep issues are related to food dyes. Red dye #40 dramatically affects her sleep. Have you looked at any dietary issues? I know others have troubles with other dyes, but for us it is red #40. If she consumes it, she gets very irritable and is unable to settle herself to sleep. And when she does fall asleep, she wakes with night terrors and is quite restless.

Good luck! Sleep issues are so hard on the entire family. I wish you the best.

Oh-- I also know that we tried some OTC herbal stuff for kids to settle them--it had melatonin in it and some other things like chamomile, etc. GL!

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First of all, long time no post from me, sorry!

Both my girls have used melatonin per their pediatricians advice. Madison uses it a lot less now and in 2-3mg pill form. Morgan uses it more regularly because she was just not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time. She uses liquid melatonin 1mg at first and then another if she is not going down. I fought the doc about it at first, but for both of our sanity sakes I am glad I did it. Just check with your pediatrician about dosage.

We do a sippy cup of sleepytime tea most nights too.