Who puts your LOs to bed?

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Who puts your LOs to bed?

Lately, mainly since camping, the girls have been AWEFUL going to bed. DH and I would both go upstairs with them, let them go potty, get them dressed, brush teeth, I would read books and sing to them then put them in their cribs. But lately it has been like 50+ minutes to do all this and get them calmed down. Then I realized that when I do it alone, or when DH does it alone, they go down just fine. So last night I had them give DH hugs and kisses downstairs then we did the routine and no screaming at all. I'm willing to have to put them to bed alone every night if it means not having to go back in 100 times to recover them up and calm them down. I know that as long as I'm home, they will INSIST on me doing it or else it will be a total tantrum if I don't do it. I don't mind, but man my wrist is KILLING me today. I can't wait to get that fixed.

So who puts your LOs to bed? Do you notice a difference when you switch it up?

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Ifs the same thing here. We both do it the majority of the time and usually there are no problems, but if one of us hasn't been around much its way harder w both. When I was in the hospital Dh or my mom put her down. When I got back the first night she was a terror bc she wanted to stay w me. Dh said I had to stay in our bedroom the next night n she was fine. Now we are nback to both n she's fine.

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DH usually does bath/bed time with Mason. But Mason usually does ok if we both go in, or even if I put him down. Though he is more likely to get out of bed or try to stall if I do it.

I am really glad that this has been their thing though because it will be easier on Mason while I am in the hospital that he still has Daddy putting him to bed. DH is going to come home to put him to bed at night, because if we leave Grammy in charge of that, he will be up til midnight every night!

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I still nurse Grady in the evenings, so I HAVE to do it, although in the past few weeks we've changed it up just a little. His routine is usually:

3 or 7 books Wink
nursing - but only 5 minutes a side nowadays
song on the way to bed
put him in with a book and 1 small toy
close the door and never open again

The change has been in the song part - all his life I've carried him to bed,singing him "twinkle twinkle'. But once I asked him if he wanted daddy to sing him a song instead, and he jumped at the chance. So daddy sange him "michael row your boat ashore" and ever since then, he's requested daddy and 'michael' at bedtime. If DH isn't here, then he's perfectly fine with me and my twinkle, but otherwise it's daddy all the way. We never go back in to resettle - we just leave him to it. Sometimes he plays a little, but (so far, knock on wood!) he's never gotten out of his bed. Eventually he just lays down and goes - he never cries or calls out for us... what a huge change from DS1 and his constant screaming every.single.bedtime.of.his.life!!

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"kirsteng" wrote:

3 or 7 books Wink

LOL!!! This is so me too! I tell the girls two books total, one each. They both come back with arm fulls!

A lot of times they will chit chat and as long as they aren't screaming I leave them be. I am hoping that just a change will get them back to being good at bedtime.

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Usually, I tuck Jackson in and DH puts the girls to bed.

Jackson is 8 and in third grade, but he still has a routine. shower, get jammies on, brush teeth, read for 20 mins. on his own. Then, I come back, pull his covers up, and kiss him good night. I might rub his back a little and talk to him.

With the girls, we have a routine. bathes, jammies, brush teeth, read 3 books, sing prayers, and lights out.

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DH and I both put Jake to bed, I typically will go in with Jake, then he's yellin' for his Daddy to come......only then to tell him to "get off his bed!" lol DH kisses and hugs him and leaves and then I will sing 2-3 songs and then it's lights out for him.

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If I'm home-- I do it. If not, it is Trey.

I pretty much do EXACTLY as Kirsten (so odd-- even down to the song!!!) Are you watching me from Chile? Wink

Trey is super fast and efficient at bedtime. I take more time and snuggle with each LO. I sing them each a song or do something special with them each night. It takes forever-- but I love that 10 minutes with each one at the end of the day.

Funny OT story-- last night Miles got out of bed and I was like "what? why are you up? Get back in bed!" And he looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and said "but mommy, I just wanted to tell you that you're the best." Heartbreaker!

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Boys can just melt your heart huh Audra?! Last night I asked DD to get me a bottle of water and Drew says "Oh Mom, I will get it for you". Then he comes over to the couch, hands me the water, asks if I need a bigger blanket and says "Mom, what else do you need, I just want to help you?" OMG he's going to have one lucky wife is all I'm saying! LOL

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Audra and Kirsten, we do twinkle twinkle too.......along with ABC's and Baby Mine (a song my mom made up) every night and in that order! lol He's very particular Wink

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Kaylin refuses for Wes to put her to bed, she will scream/cry and ask for "mama to do it". I tend to give in a little more, we read stories/brush our teeth/sing songs and give lots of kisses/hugs, where Wes is in/out. If I'm not there, she is fine with him putting her down and is out in no time. If I do it, it's a 30 minute process and typically always ends in crying because she wants just "one more" of something.

I will say, I really do love putting her to bed. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this will not last forever and at one point, I'll be lucky to get a goodnight hug...so I try to enjoy it everynight, even the "one more kiss mama"!

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Well, as I mentioned in the thread about who our LOs prefer, Colin is pretty hands off. It's ALWAYS me that does bedtime. Unless for some reason I am not there, but I can count on one hand the number of times Colin has had to put the kids to bed. If it's not me, it's my mom.

Every night he has his last pee on the potty, then jammies on, teeth brush, a story on the couch. I pick him up and tell him to say night night to daddy, and he won't. "No!" so, we go in his room and get hugs and kisses, and he goes to bed.

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Usually it’s DH. But I love to do it. However, it’s easier for me to put Leo to bed because he’s still nursing. IF I’m putting Leo to bed, then DH puts Ivy to bed.

She usually does it just fine. She gets 1-4 books – usually she goes to bed with the last one and is good. She might be awake for a good while, but she chats to herself, or reads to herself, or comments on the pictures in her books, or repeats phrases that are new.

The past couple nights, though, DH has told SS to put Ivy to bed – get her in her diaper, then pyjamas, brush teeth, read books, go to bed. This has resulted in: Ivy not having a diaper cover, Ivy not going to the bathroom before bed and peeing the bed for the first time in over a month, fights over how many books and SS yelling at her, No teeth being brushed (Ivy or SS), and neither getting to sleep until after 9:30pm. Last night I had to get up from nursing Leo to get DH off his internet Poker game and get the kids to bed.

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Well tonight DH is putting the girls to bed as I type this because I forgot to take my heart meds for a few days and can't even make it up the stairs without almost passing out. I can hear Addison SCREAMING HYSTERICALLY up their. I know if I go up she will be fine, but I know that will just teach her that she will get her way if she throws a fit. This is SOOOO hard. Hopefully I will be able to put them to bed tomorrow and it will go a little smoother. Grrrr, I wish I had just done it because this is hard.

Overall I do enjoy putting them to bed. But when I get my wrist surgery they will have to get used to DH doing it for a little while anyway.