Who wants to see some babies?? XP

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Who wants to see some babies?? XP

I had an appt today with the peri and got another fun U/S including 3D/4D. They said to keep bringing my disc back and they will just add the pictures on. They are so awesome there!! Babies looked great. Evie was 15oz and Jeremiah was 1lb 1oz. My cervix was long and closed shut tight. Evie's placenta moved up a little so I'm off sex-rest for now. LOL! I go back again June 8th. Here are some babies!

Twin A = Evie/ Twin B= Jeremiah

Oh and here's the belly:

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Wow, so exciting to see their little faces!!! SmileSmileSmile I'm just constantly amazed my modern technology... incredible!

Love the belly shot too, with little Lily touching that beautiful tummy - so darned cute! Smile

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Awww! I love the 3D pictures! Looks like Lily is going to make a great big sister!

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You are so stinking cute! Love the twin pictures, I can't believe how detailed they are already!

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You look AMAZING! I love Lily touching the belly. I can tell those twins are going to be just as adorable as Lily and Luke!

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Oh my goodness I love them.. Those pictures are too sweet and COOL! And hello momma - you are looking awesome.. You do not look like you have twinkies in there!!!!

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Great pics, Kristina! You and the babies look great! The baby belly suits you very well. I also cant believe you are halfways there already!!

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Great pictures and you look fabulous! Love the names you've chosen, too!

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LOVE the pics!! And of course you look great!!!