3 days shy of 21 months...

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3 days shy of 21 months...

... and Lainey has weaned!

It is bitter sweet.

One one hand, I was ready to be done. I have been ready since she was about 18 months old. The last 3 months we had cut it down to 2x a day. Nap and bedtime. But lately.. she was being so demanding about it, it was causing lots of fits, and she was waking up in the middle of the night again (when she had been SSTN for months) asking to nurse and was very dependant on me to get to sleep. It was time to break that. So about 10 days ago I started just giving her a sippy of water and all but duct taping my shirt down ;), and rocking her a bit. The water was promptly thrown 15 feet across the room and then she would thrash around throwing an awful fit. I was quite worried those first couple days. But I swear by day 3 and 4.. she turned over a new leaf and things are SO EASY NOW! Like, seriously can't believe how easy. The new routine is.. water cup, she picks 2-3 books to take to bed with her..she climbs the stairs and waits at her crib.. hugs kisses and she is HAPPY and smiling when I leave the room. It is a total 180. Nap and bedtime used to be a disaster if I did not nurse and rock her to sleep. She is sleeping 12 hours a night and atleast a 2 hour nap.

And I am not just making this up.. but her general attitude and mood has changed. I think nursing for her (just as an older baby) was a big power struggle. She used it as a way to control me or something.. she used to be so bossy and demanding with me and since weaning her she is this pleasant happy thing all the time. IT IS SO WEIRD!!!! Never experienced anything like it. Anyone else? My other girls self weaned right at 1 year so I never really dealt with these kinds of issues, that I guess may be related to nursing a toddler?

Anyways- like I started out saying - it is bitter sweet. I am going to truly miss it. This is probably my last kiddo.. and nursing was one of my very favorite parts of being a mom. But I know for Lainey, it was time...and am happy to see how happy she is!

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Congrats to you on a wonderful job!!!! Jake weaned last week at 20 months (we went on vacation without him and I knew that would be it)~ I know what you mean about them being happy and it being easy! Jake is a really, really easy going happy kid, but to be honest he is just so HUGE (he is 33 lbs and I am less than 120) that having his giant body all over me was wearing on me, you know? I love nursing and it was effortless, but I honestly was ready to be done, and he didn't need it anymore. Bedtime is a breeze, and I really love that my DH has been doing it a lot now that we aren't nursing. The best part was that I got in an official "last nurse" with him the night before my trip that was really special, I'll never forget it, I don't remember having that with my last kids and I will forever treasure it, as I am absolutely sure that I don't want more kids ~ so my streak is over, from May 2006- Feb 2012 I was nursing, pregnant, or nursing and pregnant....and I'm finally free! It's awesome!

Again, congrats. You did a great job, and clearly with how happy she is she was ready and so were you, and that is the best! Well done, Mama!!! Its fun having your body back, eh? Smile

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Hugs for the bitter part and congrats for the sweet part! I think I may also have to grow a pair and start tackling the nighttime nurses too. I'm very much over it (during nighttime at least) and need the break. Anyway, enough about me, great job and enjoy having your body back Biggrin

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That's wonderful that you were both able to nurse for so long, and that it was a peaceful and easy transition! WTG mama!!! Jake is still nursing a lot and I struggle with maybe wanting to night-wean too. I haven't been able to force myself to that point yet....I wonder if it has something to do with me being really sad that he's my last baby, you know?

Anyway, not trying to hi-jack lol, congratulations to you!!

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That is great! Congrats & I am so glad to hear it went fairly easily. I am with Suzanne & need to "grow a pair" & get to weaning.....Nico sounds a lot like Lainey, super demanding about it. Your post gave me some inspiration - thanks!!

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I hear you on the bittersweet thing! Keaton weaned himself at about 13 months and while I was ready (he had started biting!) it was also hard to give up that special mommy/baby time. I'm so glad it went smoothly for you and that Lainey has adjusted so well!

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Yes, weaning is bittersweet for sure. I understand! It's great that she is doing so well adjusting to it. Jordan can be very demanding about certain things (like any toddler) and so I was very concerned when my OB told me I needed to wean. I had no idea Jordan would be so easy going about it but that really helped with my guilt and sadness. So, I'm sure Lainey's cheery attitude has helped you feel it was the right time for the both of you. Congrats on a job well done!!! Nursing a toddler is not always easy.

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You have done awesome!!! It is bitter sweet - I know, I felt the same way too. You are a rockin momma!!

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Ugh. Miles is not even close Sad I was ready to be done seriously a year ago. I just can't say no when he walks up to me and says "Boob? Please?" Lol. Good job! I'm jealous!