Any tips for taking a toddler on a cruise?

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Any tips for taking a toddler on a cruise?

We are going on a 7 day cruise (to Alaska) with my extended family in August. I'm looking for any and all advice you ladies have to offer to make this trip easier for Than and for me.

Specifically, I also need help to figure out how to take his milk. He is allergic to cows milk and drinks soy milk. I can take the milk in unopened cartons, but I don't know how to store the milk once it is open. He goes through a carton about every 3 days. This means I will need to take 3 cartons.

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Never been on a cruise so I can't really help. But I would call the cruise line and see about storing the milk. Most likely they have soy milk on hand, due to people who can't have milk. So you might not need to bring any additional.

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I'd also think the cruse line would have soy milk available. I'd definitely call and ask. If they don't then they should offer a way for you to bring and store it. The only other option I can think of is to bring powdered soy milk. (If Than will drink it, it probably tastes a little different than what he's used to.)

Have fun on your cruise! It sounds awesome!

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I love how your family gets to travel so much! I haven't been on a cruise either, but what Kari and Stacie said makes sense. I hear many cruises have fun kids programs to entertain the little ones while Mom and Dad get a little alone time too.

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I have never been on a cruise either, but I am betting if you call and speak with them they will be glad to make arrangements for storing the opened milk for you. I am sure they have encountered it before

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I didn't know there was powdered soy milk. Duh, there is powdered milk, why wouldn't there be powdered soy?

I'm going to call the cruise line and ask what options they provide to accomidate the need for soy milk. Do they offer it, and if not do they have somewhere for me to store the soy milk I will be bringing?

Thanks for all the suggestions. What else do I need to know about traveling with a toddler?

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Hey! I've been on 3 cruises and on all of them there have been mini-fridges in the room. I agree to call up beforehand and confirm what is available. Typically, they are very accomodating, so I am sure you'll find a way to do it.


I just came back from a resort with my 2 and more than once while I was there I was kinda wishing to be on a cruise ship instead because I felt it would be easier with a tiny one.