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baby gates

Hi everyone Smile

I was looking for recommendations on baby gates. We live in a ranch house, no stairs! When we're at my mom's house there is a full set of wooden steps that Luke is OBSESSED with. There is a tension gate at the bottom which works fine, but there needs to be a gate for the top. I'm scared to use a tension gate at the top, so I want to get a wall mounted one.

He actually tumbled down about 4 steps yesterday. I was only 1 stride behind him upstairs when he rounded the corner and went right over. I managed to grab him by the leg by the time he hit the 4th or 5th step. It was SO SCARY. His face is pretty bruised, but no blood and he's fine! He's spending 4 days with my mom in October, so I do have a little bit of time to find a good gate.

Any recommendations? It would be amazing if there was a gate that pops off the hardware so they can take it down when he's not there.

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Hmmm, a wall mounted gate that comes off the hardware.

I used this one: at my mom's house and I relaly liked its sturdiness but I'm not sure it comes off the mounting hardward easily.

Here's one that my sister has (I think hers is white though):

But again I don't think it comes off the hardware.

GL - gates are so important for these guys! And soon you'll have 2 to be worried about!!