Beginning to walk - finally!!

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Beginning to walk - finally!!

Yes, Mason's a little slow on the take and hasn't started walking yet. But over the last few days he's been trying more and more.

I can now hold his hands and he'll walk like 15 steps. He still collapses after that and refuses to get up but at least I know he can do it now. He will also take 2-5 steps on his own before he falls.

Is anyone else's moonbeam not walking regularly yet? Any suggestions on how to encourage Mason?

The doc said that if he isn't walking by his 15 month appointment she'd make a referral to our state early intervention program. I'm thinking he'll be walking within the next couple of weeks - I just think he's stubborn!! (like his dad - why not, he looks just like him too!!)

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Yay for taking steps!!!!! It seems like he probably will be walking on his own soon. And, if not, I've heard nothing but good things about EI programs.

Go Mason!!!!!

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Go Mason! I'm sure he'll be doing it before his appointment too. That's awesome! Do you have any walk behind toys? That might encourage him a bit....

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Yes, we have 3 walk behind toys. Usually he pushes them while "walking" on his knees though! Like I said, subborn and willful!!

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Yay wtg Mason! Smile

Aaron is in his 15 month (16 months in just over 2 weeks) and is definitely not close to walking. He has his specialist appointment on September 14th and he'll be nearly 17 months and the doc said he should be walking on his own by then...unfortunately I don't see it happening! I've been trying to massage his lower legs and acchiles (sp?), move his ankle around, push his foot against my hand etc (when he permits as he wriggles too much!) and we get him to hold onto us and walk but he takes only a few steps before he collapses and refuses to do anymore (and his walking is on tip toes). He does cruise around furniture and I see him on his tip toes more than flat, though when he stands still (holding on) he is on his feet flat. He has push toys etc but uses his 'kneely' walking technique...he gets around pretty fast walking(and at times running) on his knees (I'll see if I can get some video of him later doing it). Aaron is not even close to taking any steps on his own, he wont stand on his own yet and only just started to crouch down to reach for something he dropped next to him.

I would say I'm not too worried because DH's first cousin (who is now 9) was 18 months old before she walked (crawled at 12 months) and now she's a very bright and athletic girl...but because of the tightness in his lower legs as noted by the gp and specialist, he has a reason for his delay and it will just take a little longer than normal and we'll get help for him when we need the meantime it's lots of practice on hard floors with bare feet!

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If he is taking a few steps then my guess would be he will take off soon. It sounds like you are doing all that you can to encourage him. Let's hope he takes off soon!

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Here you go Christina, this is how Aaron gets around all the time...he's got a mean throw too! Wink (oh excuse my laughing but it is funny! lol)

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Yay!!!! I bet he's only doing better now, since I'm all behind on this. LOL.

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Alexander just took his first unassisted steps this week, at 15 months. He can do 3 by himself now. He cruises like crazy, though, and likes to walk holding both hands.

Some kids just take a little longer!

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I missed this when it was first posted as well, but wanted to comment on it! I know you said Mason has had fluid in his ears for a while and you are going to be getting tubes for him. I would bet money that you will see a BIG difference in his walking once he gets tubes. Lucas started taking steps around 10 months and then stopped because he got fluid in his ears. He didn't start trying to walk again until RIGHT before he got his tubes (12 months), and even then it was really short stretches and really off balance. The afternoon we came home from getting tubes he TOOK OFF and hasn't stopped since. The fluid was majorly affecting his balance. If you do see a specialist, I would definitely mention the ongoing fluid issue, as I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. Keep us posted on how he does after his surgery!