Boycotting Diapers!

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Boycotting Diapers!

Well, Keaton has decided he no longer wants to wear diapers, or clothes for that matter! I put his diaper back on at least 10 times a day! Tonight he took it off and threw it in the tub with his brother. He will even take his pj's off as soon as he wakes up and take his diaper off. That has led to a yucky mess a couple of times! I even put him in footie sleepers that snap at the top thinking that would stop him. Nope. He just grabs the zipper from under the snap and unzips it with the snap still fastened and then reaches inside and undoes the tabs on his diapers so the diaper falls off inside the sleeper. He thinks it's absolutely hilarious! Me, not so much! If pull ups weren't so much, I'd start getting those. Anybody else have a little exhibitionist??

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Nico hasn't done this yet, but my DD was BAD - she hated being dressed, her babysitter used to call me to make sure it was OK for her to be naked at daycare! She would even undress (diaper and all) during the night!

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A friends off my other board cut out the feet of footie pjs and put them on backward. Worked for her

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Not Lucas yet, and hopefully never, but Noah was terrible!! Not only would he take off all his clothes or diapers, but if it was a dirty diaper and I didn't hear him, he became a little Poocasso! YUCK!! Putting a onsie with snaps on the bottom underneath whatever he was wearing was the only thing that stopped him. He outgrew it for a while, but now he's a nudist again. He LOVES to walk around in his undies (probably because they are so cool- with Marvel superheros all over them!). The second we get home or to my family's houses he strips down. Thankfully he knows he's not allowed to do that in public! I hope Keaton outgrows that stage quickly! I was *not* fond of it!

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My DD#2 was like this (and would still run around naked if I let her!) but Aaron has been OK, only thing with him is I have to have his diaper covered with long pants or shorts as when he poops, he has a tendency to dig his fingers around...and the other day was not pretty! Bleh! I like Kerri's suggestion though! Me I could never find away to convince my DD that it was best if everything be left on.

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I'll have to try the onsie and backwards footies idea!

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None of mine but my nephew was! We used to laugh our butts off when my sister would visit and her son wouldn't remain dressed. She didn't think it was so funny but we all did!

Sorry you have such a clothing escape artist - it can be a pain.

Hope the backwards onsie and footies work - you'll have to KUP on that!!!

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Eve can and does take off her diaper. Thankfully, she's ok when we put bottoms on her. I was letting her go around the house topless until she started taking her top off at the daycare. I'm trying to teach her that ladies keep their chests covered, and she seems to get it, especially when we make a big deal about how cute she is with her shirt on.