Bum rash

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Bum rash

Than has been dealing with a bad diaper rash for several weeks now. He normally wears cloth during the day and sposies at night, but I put him in sposies all the time while rashy so I can use whatever I want on it- normally Desitin. It got progressively worse for the first week. When he was no longer drinking cows milk (from the protein drinks he had been drinking) the rash got better, but never went completely away. It is now coming back. His bum is constantly red, and I'm assuming it is painful for him because he gets fussy and tries to roll away during diaper changes that involve wipes. The skin is beginning to get inflamed again, and it looks like sores are starting to appear. I've tried Desitin and Boudreaux's, as well as powder every change and changing more option. I'm concerned that this has been going on for so long, and that it doesn't go away completely.

What other ideas do you have?
What works for you diaper wearing babe?
What else could be irritating him?
When should I take him to the dr about it?

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Go get some triple paste. It is expensive, but the only diaper cream worth using. I bet it clears it up in a day, seriously. Amazing stuff.

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when mine get a rash I make sure not to use wipes but just a wet wash cloth..don't scrub. Then blow dry his bum. Then the best thing I have found is super duper diaper doo. Or you can use a different diaper cream and then put vaseline over it. Make sure his bum is dry tho or it will make the rash worse.

If he's getting yeasty (sores with white heads) you may need to see the ped for a cream of nystatin.

Good luck

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I would try either Triple Paste or make happy hiney diaper rash cream.

Happy Hiney (Diaper Rash Cure)

Equal amounts:

Anti-itch cream (.01% hydrocortisone)
Anti-fungal cream (such as lotrimin)
Mix together and add enough Maalox (anti acid) to make a usable paste.

Use liberally at diaper changes

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I was going to say it may be yeast and also let him air out dry for a while. If you can keep him contained to one area and let him go bare bum for a while.

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Miles had an awful rash too that was bleeding. Don't use baby wipes on him use mineral oil and cotton balls. I know it can be a parents worst nightmare because they're so small but the oil is soothing and the poo will slide right off. Then pat his butt dry and put corn starch on him. Just regular ol corn starch and he'll clear up in a day or two. This is the remedy that worked for us!

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Yeah, if those pastes don't work, it could be a yeast infection, and you'll need to see the doc. I hope he clears up soon, poor guy.

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So, nobody mentioned this could be a continued reaction to the milk allergy. . . Are you ruling it out completely?

Thanks for the tips on treating. The pediatrician recommended rinsing him off in the bath instead of baby wipes, too. He said the wipes will dry out the bum, but the water would rinse away all the chemicals and poop without causing any dry-ness. I'll try some of these other creams you are mentioning.

When it comes to air drying, he doesn't hold still for very long, so I've been using powder to dry his bum before putting the diaper on. Will that give the same effect as air drying?

I'm wondering if it is a yeast rash. Will these creams make it worse if it is yeast? Is there a time frame for yeast? Does this have any relation to thrush?

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try a blow dryer on cool.. it works quick.. I've never used powder

the creams wont make it worse, just wont make it better. yeast usually looks like little bumps with white heads, and sometimes when it gets worse, bleeds...

and yes, it can come with thrush

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I did hear someone say a certain cream could make a yeast rash worse but I read that on the cloth diaper board a while back and I don't remember any more than that so I'm not much help there.

Just know that if it is yeast then you will need to thoroughly treat the cloth diapers. You will also want to make sure his yeast rash is completely gone before putting him back in cloth or you can spread it back onto the fabric.

Have you asked the doc about the rash being related to milk? What about cutting milk out again to see if the rash clears? Then if it doesn't go away at least you will know that is not it?

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Just my 2 cents...I've compounded many rash creams and ointments as a pharmacy tech. One that is common is Nystatin, either Polysporin/Neosporin, and then either Petroleum jelly/A&D ointment/Eucerin/ or Aquaphor. They can be made into a cream or ointment. Any compounding pharmacy will do it. I've never needed to actually use the good stuff for my daughter because (knock on wood) have never had a diaper rash, yet. I use disposable diapers also just to mention.

First, please nix the baby powder completely because it's only drying his skin further. Get yourself a Haloshield Reusable Underpad from Amazon (there mainly used for incontinence problems but I use it as a crib mattress protector under the sheet ) They'd be great for after a bath or for diaper changes on the floor or bed too! That way, you can let Than roll all over it naked and let his tush get some air time.

The only thing I'd recommend you do is apply some form of thin layer of barrier ointment or cream, that's it. There are many different brands. All I use right out of the bath is Eucerin ointment. If I should happen to see a red bump or two on my daughter's heiney I put a few tiny dabs of zinc oxide mixed with some ointment on her during that diap change. Just steer clear of any added fragrance in anything for the time being too.

I don't know what disposable brand you use at night, but I've always stayed away from all the Pampers with the Dri-Max. I tried one sample diaper on my daughter one time and after a half an hour she was slightly red. Come to find out lots of people were complaining online on Facebook and Amazon about rashes or chemical burns from this new technology Pamper's put in a lot of their diapers. I've tried Huggies Pure & Natural, 7th Generation, Pampers, Luvs etc.... My personal favorite night time diap is Fisher Price Happy Night's (Huggies Snug & Dry during the day). They fit fantastic and are high up in the back and front with great velcro style big tabs. Love em'

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I second staying away from pampers. They broke out dd. So did luvs. I've seen some horrible chemical burns from pampers.

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Oh yes, the cream will make a yeast infection worse!! My DD got them all the time when she was in diapers and Mason's had a couple too. Another sign - other than the red bumpiness - that it could be yeast is he'll try to "scratch" the area either with his hand or by rubbing against your hip when you hold him on your hip. Remeber - yeast is itchy.

You can get Lotrimin OTC and it works great. 3 times a day for a week and it will be gone. You'll see pretty immediate results. Don't quit once it's all gone until you've gone at least a week with it.

It could be a reaction to milk but my money's on yeast.

GL - I hope you get his bum better quickly!!!

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Wow, thanks for all the info! There is so much I don't know. I appreciate the education- and so does my baby and his bum.

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Still fighting the rash, but it's finally improving.

We gave up on ALL creams and powders. He is in cloth, and we change him every hour during the day- no matter what- and anytime he poops. (Thank goodness for cloth, and laundering at home, because we are going through SO many diapers!) Every bum change we fan or blow on his bum until it is completely dry. Once a day he plays in a dry tub to give him nakey time. And most poopy bums get changed in the bathroom, using the shower to rinse him off instead of any wipes.

He's still pretty red, and hates being changed. But the sores are almost gone. We'll keep this up until it's completely gone.

Just wanted you to know. Thanks Ladies!

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If he still has it, id probably see the ped...esp if he still has sores