Couple of Jake pics, b/c he looks like a little man :)

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Couple of Jake pics, b/c he looks like a little man :)

WHEN did my baby get so big!? Smile Tomorrow is his "corrected" one year birthday, so I guess that makes sense. WAH!

Walking 100% of the time now, he has been for a few weeks....





He wasn't interested in pictures though...


One sort-of smile earlier that afternoon!

Poor's so awful when mama takes your picture all the time... :rolleyes:

I'm having a hard time with the whole growing up thing!!!!

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Meagan, such great shots! For some reason, I just love the one where he's profile and looking down at his shoes. He is looking especially cute in that first one too. Happy adjusted one year to your little man!

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Again, if I lived closer, you would be taking photos of Beni. Again, you take beautiful shots. Again, Jake is awesome. So cute! Also, I love your kids in general. Smile (and I meant those agains as in, you're just awesome, cause I've said it before and I'll say it again!) Smile

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Ditto what mara said Smile I was just thinking as I was looking I wish she lived closer!

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I love your pictures!! Jake's a cutie. His hairs are getting long in the back.

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Love them. Just love them.

I remember - you and I were birth day buddies but then you and Jake had to make a mad dash toward the finish line!!!! I'm just so happy that everything went ok. He's a beautiful boy and he's lucky to have you for his mommy.

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You guys are so sweet, thank you!!! I lol-ed Mara, thanks so much. Smile


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On and Steph, his little baby curls make me ridiculously happy. I don't think I'll ever be able to cut them. Smile

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So cute!

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Awww these are soooo gorgeous!!! You've rocked them and it's tricky shooting in full sun!!! Jake is such a handsome little guy!